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The new J-Station from Johnson Amplification is the recording enthusiast’s answer to getting convincing guitar and bass amp tones onto a recording medium. The J-Station combines not only the great guitar amplifier modeling Johnson is famous for, but also adds bass amp modeling and acoustic guitar simulation to its modeling arsenal.

The J-Station’s interface is extremely user friendly, featuring both a dedicated amp modeling section and a dedicated effects section. Users select one of 18 different guitar amp, bass amp, or acoustic simulator models, use the seven gain and tone knobs to shape it to their taste, and then add a multitude of effects such as Compression, Modulation or Pitch Shifting, Delay, and Reverb to top off their sound. The J-Station includes three dedicated knobs for fine tuning effect parameters, giving a generous amount of preset flexibility. Equipped with 30 factory effect presets, the J-Station also features 30 user locations for storing custom configurations.

Full MIDI implementation is available, as is a S/PDIF output that permits going direct to digital without eating up analog inputs on any digital-ready recording device. The MIDI In jack can also substitute as a J8 foot controller input, providing remote real time control over preset selection and effects bypass. Furthermore, the J8’s expression treadle can be used to control volume, wah and a variety of modeling and effect parameters. The J-Station is additionally compatible with the company’s J3 three-button footswitch.

Featuring a sleek desktop design, the J-Station also comes packaged with Windows computer based editing/librarian software, which provides access to more parameters than available from the control surface.

The J-Station features a U.S pro users net price of $449.95.

Johnson Amplification, a division of the Harman Music Group, a subsidiary of Harman International.

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