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PARIS users are finally free to upgrade their computer systems to the latest most powerful CPUs, and non-PARIS users have a new vintage choice when upgrading their DAWs. Seven years after the PARIS recording system was officially discontinued, a new multi-CPU capable driver has been released. In the age of quad core computing, the new driver keeps the much beloved PARIS DSP based DAW competitive with current offerings, despite no official updates in almost a decade.

The PARIS community is known for its fanatical commitment to the long discontinued system. Much like the Amiga following, PARIS users refuse to let a small detail like the discontinuation of a product get in the way of using what they believe to be the best recording system ever produced. Since the system was cancelled, users in the PARIS community have ported effects from the venerable Ensoniq DP/Pro effects unit to extend the capabilities and sound of the PARIS system. The original Windows 95 driver was ported to Windows XP in 2003 by Chris Thoman. The new build is a major redesign that overcomes the limitations of the original Windows 95 code. It was written by Mike Audet, long time PARIS user, and is available for sale at the Ensonique website.

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