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Building on the Artist Elite line of wired microphones, Audio-Technica's new 5000 and 4000 Series wireless systems feature true-diversity, frequency-agile operation. Both systems come in multiple configurations, including handheld and UniPak transmitters to suit the most demanding performance applications. Multiple receivers of both series can be linked, and both systems feature IntelliScan frequency selection and dual compansion. In addition, the 5000 Series includes PC- and Mac-compatible control software.

The heart of the 5000 Series is the AEW-R5200 true diversity frequency-agile dual receiver, which comprises two independent receivers in a single full-rack housing. Two hundred selectable UHF channels are offered in the range of 655.500 to 680.375 MHz (TV channels 44-49), with an operational range in excess of 300 feet. Receivers may be linked to form a complete system in which the built-in IntelliScan capability can automatically determine and set the best available frequencies on all linked receivers, minimizing interference and intermodulation. An AC pass-through system allows multiple receivers to be powered using only one outlet. Receivers also include Ethernet ports, enabling monitoring of system parameters via the included Macintosh or Windows software. Dual-band compander circuitry compresses and expands low- and high-frequency audio signals separately, minimizing artifacts such as pumping and breathing and maximizing audio quality. The digital Tone Lock squelch system ignores RF that does not carry the wanted signal's unique signature. Concurrently, a digital ID signal carried by the frequency-modulated audio conveys transmitter information back to the receiver. An external mute switch jack provides the capability to mute the system quickly and easily.

The 4000 Series features a half-rack receiver, the AEW-R4100, with frequency-agile operation over the same channels as the AEW-R5200, and includes two independent RF sections for true diversity operation. The AEW-R4100 has the same IntelliScan capability for optimum frequency selection on all linked receivers. Dual compander circuitry is included, along with the digital Tone Lock squelch system for rejection of unwanted RF. The 4000 Series receivers may be linked with one or several 4000 or 5000 Series receivers, and they may be monitored by the 5000 Series system software.

To complement both the 5000 and 4000 Series receivers, five wireless transmitter options are available. All feature rugged, ergonomic metal bodies, programmable on/off/mute switching, and 10 mW/35 mW switchable RF power, and are compatible with both systems. Five user-programmable settings, plus a default setting, make these transmitters extremely versatile.

The new handheld transmitters are developments from Audio-Technica's Artist Elite line of wired microphones, specially optimized for wireless operation. Options include two condenser and two dynamic types: the AEW-T3300 and AEW-T5400 cardioid condensers, the AEW-T4100 cardioid dynamic, and the AEW-T6100 hypercardioid dynamic. The AEW-T5400 and AEW-T3300 boast clarity and realism, low handling noise, and sturdy, die-cast construction. Assertive sound, pop protection, and rugged construction are benefits of the AEW-T6100 and AEW-T4100 microphones.

Also available is the new AEW-T1000 UniPak transmitter, which offers advanced features such as a recessed dual-impedance 4-pin locking connector, durable metal body, soft-touch controls with sliding cover, and an input level that is adjustable in 2 dB increments. The AEW-T1000 UniPak is compatible with the entire line of Wireless Essentials accessories.

The 5000 and 4000 Series offer a system configured for every need. Thirteen systems are available in the 5000 Series, each with the AEW-R5200 dual receiver. Nine of the combinations include dual UniPak, dynamic, or condenser microphone transmitters. The other four kits each include four transmitters: two UniPaks plus either two condenser or two dynamic handheld transmitters.

The 4000 Series comprises nine systems, each containing the AEW-R4100 receiver. Five kits include a single transmitter (a UniPak or one of the four handheld transmitters), while the remaining four offer one UniPak plus one handheld transmitter. The same choice of handheld transmitters applies to the 4000 Series as to the 5000 Series systems.

"The new 5000 and 4000 Series Artist Elite UHF Wireless Systems represent the logical extension of our acclaimed Artist Elite Series into the wireless domain," explained Gary Boss, Marketing Director of Audio-Technica. "The new receivers feature a number of significant innovations that represent maximum audio quality and flexibility for almost any wireless application."

The 5000 Series systems start at $3,119 MSRP, and the 4000 Series systems start at $959 MSRP. Individual components are available for purchase separately.

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