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NetworkSound is pleased to announce the launch of a new XLR to DB25 break out box/patch bay product to pro audio community. Tascam and Fostex compliant 8 channels of balanced analog audio over a standard DB25 connector has been adapted by a large number of pro audio manufacturers. The ease of providing 8 channels over a space saving DB25 is ideal way to connect two pro audio equipments that has same DB25 interface. A simple DB25-DB25 cable would be suffice to connect 8 audio channels. The cost and space savings are huge with DB25 compared to providing XLR or TRS connectors on the chassis. When the number of channels exceed say 24 or 32, the advantages of using DB25 becomes even more compelling.

However, at times, customers want connect standard XLR or TRS cables to these DB25 and do not prefer to use the DB25 to XLR/TRS pig tail cables. In such situations, XLR to DB25 patch bay or break out box is the ideal solution. The Mamba XDB product offers an ideal way to connect normal XLR or TRS cables and patch to a DB25 connector on the pro audio equipment such as Digital snakes. A simple and inexpensive DB25-DB25 cable such as DBD-300 from Hosa (cost approx US$15) would be sufficient for connection between Mamba XDB and pro audio device.

Some of the key features of Mamba XDB are:

  • 32 channels of XLR M or F/TRS combo on 4 DB25
  • DB25 compliant to Tascam/Fostex analog pin out
  • Compact and 2U rack mount chassis & closed box
  • Neutrik XLR quality and durable connectors
  • Modular approach with multiple input & output options
  • High quality DB25 connectors
  • Mount the unit front or rear on the rack
  • Only 2" depth
  • All connectors are mounted on PCB
  • All connections are routed on board (No wires)
  • No interference and super clean analog pass thru
  • Very affordable

The Mamba XDB product is an ideal way to interface with mamba Digital snake where the input and output interface is compliant to Tascam/Fostex DB25 8 channel analog standard. The Mamba line of Digital Snakes is available in 16x8, 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 channel configurations over a single CAT-5/6 cable in a single chassis. The ProAudioReview PAR Excellence Award winning product continues to be the #1 customer choice of "PLUG AND PLAY" Digital Snake products in the market.

Mamba XDB is available direct at http://www.networksound.com/MambaDB25XLR.html

Mamba Digital Snake is available directly from NetworkSound at http://www.networksound.com/Digsnake.html

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