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NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. announced today that it’s new GigaStudio™ line of professional sampling workstations has gained the support of over 44 professional audio interface cards, 16 professional sound library companies, 5 turnkey system manufacturers and 4 music software developers.

With over 44 GSIF professional audio cards to choose from, GigaStudio users now have access to virtually every imaginable audio I/O combination for interfacing GigaStudio to their existing production environments. By adding GSIF, the growing list of compatible devices are taking advantage of the state-of-the-art "kernel mode" audio driver architecture, allowing real-time MIDI-to-audio response latencies in the 3-8 millisecond range, without sacrificing audio integrity at high system stress levels. This enables uncompromising live playability, zero latency mixing and effects, and total sequencer integration via multi-client operation. The most recent cards to add GSIF compatibility include the RME audio card line (www.rme-audio.com), TASCAM PCI-822 (www.tascam.com) and the soon to be released GSIF driver update for MOTU hardware (www.motu.com). The comprehensive list of GigaStudio interface options and audio cards can be viewed at www.nemesysmusic.com/support/hardware.html .

Already in use at major film and television music production facilities, GigaStudio 160 marks several fundamental improvements to music authoring. By virtue of its patented disk based sampling technology, GigaStudio boasts the largest sampling capacity of any commercially available sampler, limited only by hard disk space. GigaStudio 160 also has the highest polyphony of any professional sampler, and all 160 of its voices can be streamed from the hard drive in real time without any sacrifice in playability. For speed and advanced orchestration power, GigaStudio 160 boasts 64 MIDI channels, the highest of commercial samplers; DSP Station™, the world’s first zero-latency software effects processing that rivals the finest hardware effects; instant networking and network streaming with QuickSound™ database-assisted navigation to huge sampling databases of virtually unlimited size, zero-latency 32-bit digital mixing with automation; and advanced database driven /SFX scoring tools.

Legendary composers are being inspired by GigaStudio’s musicality, speed ,and advanced user interface. "Unless you explore it, emotionally you cannot understand how revolutionary GigaStudio is" said Hans Zimmer, Academy Award winning composer for Media Ventures, Santa Monica, CA. "I never have to worry about having enough space for my samples, and the low pass filters and crossfades are done right – natural and transparent – they really work. Nemesys has built a Classic."

"GigaStudio is completely changing the way I make music with samplers.", emphasized Chris Beck, Emmy award winning composer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "It is a truly professional product with more power than five whole racks of hardware samplers. It is a godsend."

Third party software developers are also creating tools that enhance the GigaStudio breadth and scope. Chicken Systems’ Translator GigaStudio/Sampler utilities (www.chickensys.com) are available in standalone packages to convert and enhance legacy sample library formats for use with GigaStudio including R-Convertor (Roland), E-Convertor (Emu) Q-Convertor (Ensoniq), and SF-Convertor (SoundFont), In addition, Amazing Sound’s CDXTRACT software GigaSampler/GigaStudio edition,is available for premium sample library conversion from a variety of formats (www.amazingsound.com).Other new software companies creating products for GigaStudio are Square Circle Software (www.squarecircle.co.uk), and Audio Simulation (www.audio-simulation.de).

The huge selection of native GigaSampler™ soundware from leading developers such as Audities Foundation, Best Service, Big Fish Audio, Bolder Sounds, Crypton, Numerical Sound, Dan Dean, DS Soundware, East West, Glasstrax, Miroslav Vitous, Q Up Arts, Sampleheads, VR Sound, Warren Trachtman, and Zero-G is fully compatible with GigaStudio.Sound developers are finding the vast sampling capacity of GigaStudio has opened up a new market invigorating the sample library business with an enthusiasm not seen in many years. Integrated conversion utilities provide access to an even wider range of formats including direct audio CD ripping, Akai S1000/S3000, E-Mu SoundFont, DLS and Microsoft WAVE.

For composers and musicians who desire out-of-the-box complete PC systems for running the GigaStudio software, system manufacturers are providing turnkey solutions tuned with optimal performance and backed by personal service. Sound Chaser, (www.soundchaser.com), provides a number of highly optimized system configurations based on the customer’s specific needs. Additional system builders who provide configurations specially tuned for GigaStudio are Wave Digital Systems (www.wavedigital.com), Rainbow Guitars (www.rainbowguitars.com), and Alexander Publishing (www.alexanderpublishing.com).

GigaStudio 160 / Features:

  • Patented, hard disk based sampling technology
  • Integrated workstation environment
  • 160 voice polyphony (all voices can be streamed from hard disk, system dependent) /
  • 64 MIDI channels /
  • Support for 24-bit/96kHz hardware
  • NFX™ professional quality, zero latency, effects w/ automation: NFX 1 Reverb/Multi, NFX 2 Chorus/Flanger (GigaStudio 160 only), NFX 3 Multi Tap/Auto Pan (GigaStudio 160 only). NFX 4 EQ free download upon web registration
  • QuickSound™ sound and sample database with networking support
  • DSP Station™ 32 input channel, 32 Bus, 32 bit Mixing Console with 8 stereo Aux busses, level, pan, inserts, up to 32 output busses and automation
  • Virtual MIDI control surface
  • Distributed Wave foley/Sound FX design tool with database support
  • Advanced synthesis engine with multi-mode resonant filters, turbo resonance LPF, external Q and Fc, multi crossfade modes, Amplitude/filter/pitch LFO’s with synch and external control
  • GSIF, DirectSound™ compatible
  • Formats: (.GIG, S1000/3000, .sf2, .dls) and integrated Audio CD ripper
  • Network streaming capability, samples play through LAN with no impact on latency
  • Accelerated loading (up to five times faster than GigaSampler)
  • Includes GigaPiano 1GB sampled piano and RetroDrums vintage drum libraries

GigaStudio 160 ($699 MSRP US), GigaStudio 96 ($399 MSRP US).

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