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Tracktor Screenshot
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Native Instruments is proud to present TRACKTOR, a music playback and performance tool (Windows98/ME/2000) created to meet the demanding needs of computer-based DJs. TRACKTOR offers all the functionality found in conventional MP3 or WAVE players, including a convenient playlist.

TRACKTOR boasts extensive beat recognition features, a complete mixer section with EQ and a powerful bandpass/notch filter. The innovative parametric control of the software allows recording and editing of the mix in a comprehensive file format. Almost all parameters can be automated and controlled via MIDI.

"TRACKTOR opens up new horizons for the creative computer-based DJ," explains Friedemann Becker, Instrument Designer at NI. "TRACKTOR's beat matching is a marvelous help, the sound of the filters is awesome, the possibility of editing, interrupting and resuming during mix recording is unique and the file format is perfect for sharing the mix over the Internet."

TRACKTOR integrates two high-quality players with a playlist section, DJ mixer, beat matcher, digital scratcher, cue section and filters. The innovative control of the software makes it possible to record all control movements and export the resulting mix in a dedicated file format. Five cue points for settings loops or next track triggering can be set and saved for each audio file. The unique interactive waveform display, full MIDI control, mix automation and audio file export give TRACKTOR extensive performance capabilities.

The realtime waveform displays on both decks show information about the audio material ahead of time, including cue points and detected beat events. The waveform can be manually dragged with the mouse for precise positioning of cue points. For turntablists, TRACKTOR offers realistic scratching and turntable-style manipulation.

TRACKTOR boasts a unique beat recognition and alignment feature. Tempo and timing of two tracks can be automatically matched, allowing the DJ to focus on the artistic aspects of mixing and effecting. TRACKTOR's phase shift display makes it easy for the DJ who prefers to match beats manually. Additionally, TRACKTOR's beat detector makes it possible to set up tempo accurate loops on the fly.

TRACKTOR's mixer offers a crossfader as well as punch-in, boost and mute buttons. A 3-band EQ with kill switches for each band is available for each deck. Additionally a superb sounding 8-pole bandpass/notch filter can completely change the character of the mix. TRACKTOR will be released in February 2001 with a retail price of $ 199.

Feature Overview

  • MP3 and wave DJ tool with professional sound quality based on REAKTOR technology
  • Interactive waveform display, sample-accurate cue points, pitch change (+/- 35%), scratching, seek mode and reverse play
  • Dedicated file format for recording, editing and automatic playback of a mix
  • Fully automated beat matching
  • Loops with selectable multiples of bars can be set on the fly
  • Crossfader with adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto-fade function with adjustable time, punch-in, boost and mute buttons
  • 3-band EQ (-24dB...+12dB) with kill switches per band for each deck
  • 8-pole bandpass/notch filter with variable width, resonance and cutoff frequency for each deck
  • Separate monitor output supporting multichannel, 3D and secondary soundcards or 2 mono outputs on a single soundcard
  • MIDI control over all relevant panel elements with special optimization for the NI 4-Control

System Requirements (recommended)

Windows 98/ME/2000, Pentium-II 366 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 16 bit sound card

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