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ZBT Rock Cymbals
(Click for a close-up)

New from Zildjian is the addition of four new Rock models and a new Rock Box Set to its recently revamped ZBT Sheet Bronze Cymbal series. Consisting of 14-inch Rock HiHats, 16 and 18-inch Rock Crashes and a 20-inch Rock Ride, the ZBT Rock line makes cutting through today's heavily amplified music a breeze -- at a price that won't break the bank. ZBT Rock is available now.

Zildjian Bronze Technology (ZBT) features an advanced sheet bronze alloy that projects a loud, bright, musical sound as powerful as any Zildjian. More traditional hammering techniques, finer lathing grooves and a recently improved, more musical shape, make the ZBT line the perfect first choice for the starting drummer. The newly added "Rock" models add heavier weights and higher-pitched, more cutting cymbals to the line. ZBT Rock HiHats offer dynamic power and projection, with a pronounced, bright "chick" sound. Their timekeeping mate, the ZBT Rock Ride, projects a cleanly defined ping with minimal wash and a clean, cutting bell. The Rock Crashes produce precise punctuation that is at home taking on the most dynamic of music.

The new ZBT Rock models can be purchased separately or in a factory-recommended cymbal set-up box set featuring: 14-inch ZBT Rock HiHats, 16-inch ZBT Rock Crash, 20-inch ZBT Rock Ride and a free 20-inch Zildjian cymbal bag.


  • ZBT 20" Rock Ride - $148
  • ZBT 16" Rock Crash - $104
  • ZBT 18" Rock Crash - $121
  • ZBT Rock 14" HiHats - $160 per pair, $80 for top or bottom only
  • ZBT Rock Box Set - Contains: 14" ZBT Rock HiHats, 16" ZBT Rock Crash, 20" ZBT Rock Ride, 20" Zildjian Cymbal Bag - $371
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