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Multiband Compressor
Multiband Compressor
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Essential Channel
Essential Channel
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Tube/Tape Warmer
Tube/Tape Warmer
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Nomad Factory announced the Essential Studio Suite plug-in bundle. Comprised of 9 plug-ins, this bundle will help you to create professional projects from tracking to mixing to mastering.

The Essential Studio Suite bundle has it all: Multiband Compressor, Essential Channel, Essential Graphic EQ, Essential Compressor, Essential Gate Expander, Multiband Loudness Maximizer, Loudness Maximizer, Tube/Tape Warmer, and Retro-Vox. Designed by musicians for musicians, this bundle features processing using a double precision floating point, up to 192kHz sample rates supported, the ability to automate any control thru compatible RTAS, HTDM, VST and Audio Units host applications, plus a set of factory presets.

Here's a breakdown of the 9 plugs-ins onboard in the Nomad Factory Essential Studio Suite:

  • Multiband Compressor. The essential Multiband Compressor. With 3-band compression, Brick-Wall limiting and Curve Mode EQ, the Multiband Compressor brings together all the vital controls of multiband compression/crossover within this easy-to-use interface.
  • Essential Channel. The Essential Channel delivers maximum processing flexibility with minimum space required. The most critical channel processing functions are provided in a single plug-in: 3-band parametric EQ, Hi and Lo Shelf filters, Compressor, DeEsser, Noise Gate, and a Brick-Wall Limiter.
  • The Essential Graphic EQ. The Essential Graphic EQ is the perfect tool for sculpting the fine detail out of raw digital audio. 15 frequency bands, adjustable bandwidth and brick-wall limiter allow for precise control over each audio channel.
  • Essential Compressor. A quality compressor is an integral part of any studio toolkit. And with the Essential Compressor, every studio can be assured of professional results. This compressor provides intuitive control over the Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Make-Up gain.
  • Essential Gate / Expander. Don't lose valuable dynamic range in your tracks. Raise the level without increasing unwanted noise in the audio. The Essential Gate/Expander tames the noise floor so that you hear only the audio you want to keep. This fully adjustable gate allows control of Threshold, Attack, Hold, Release and Range.
  • Multiband Loudness Maximizer. The Multiband Loudness Maximizer brings the sound of professional mastering to any audio application. The new multiband limiter from Nomad Factory delivers three frequency bands of look-ahead limiting and brick-wall limiting to precisely control and maximize the levels of a mix.
  • Loudness Maximizer. The Loudness Maximizer from Nomad Factory is a peak limiter for increasing audio levels. This Maximizer delivers look-ahead limiting and brick-wall limiting to maximize the levels of any studio project. Use the Loudness Maximizer on mono or stereo channels to get your mix noticed.
  • Tube/Tape Warmer. Digital audio can sometimes sound lifeless or brittle. Add some analog warmth to those tracks with Nomad Factory's Tube/Tape Warmer. This effect gives sterile audio the coveted sounds of tube circuitry and analog tape saturation. Turn up the Drive control for extra bite, add Warmth to hear those tubes, and Blend the sounds of the analog tape and tube warmth.
  • Retro-Vox. The Retro-Vox provides effects and processing functions for use specifically on vocal tracks. In addition to a Gate and Compressor, this plug-in offers Tone controls and hi/lo pass filters to create a wide range of vocal effects, such as "Gramophone," tape simulation or the mid-range "phone voice."
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