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Black Panther Vavona Burlwood Snare
Black Panther Vavona Burlwood Snare
(Click for a close-up)
Black Panther Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare
Black Panther Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare
(Click for a close-up)

Mapex Drums has unveiled two limited edition Black Panther snare drums, the Vavona Burlwood Snare and the Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare. The Vavona Burlwood Snare drum is being heralded as Black Panther's latest achievement in exotic beauty and sonic perfection. Only 200 of these snare drums will be crafted, with 50 being allocated to U.S. Dealers, making this one of the most rare drums in the world. The Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare is made from high-grade brass which is hand-shaped into a shell. The drum undergoes a proprietary black-chrome plating process, followed by a unique bronze polishing. With a unique hand-brushed finish and a multi-faceted acoustic chamber, the Black Panther Hand-Hammered Bronzed Snare promises to be one of the most sought-after snare drums ever produced.

Because the Vavona Burlwood comes from a source exclusive to Mapex, the company will be the only drum manufacturer offering Vavona Burlwood drums. Vavona Burlwood is taken from the root area of the majestic California Redwood tree; California Redwood trees are a national treasure; however it is the Vavona Burlwood that comes from the Redwood that is truly exotic. Environmentally protected, the Redwood is not harvested, but is only removed when the tree dies from natural causes. It is the natural diseases that kill the trees that create the exotically figured Burlwood. Striking in look, the wood shows incredible strength and remarkable sonic qualities, making it an ideal wood for drum making. The Black Panther Limited Edition Vavona Burlwood Snare features black chrome hardware and the shell is finished in an oyster green tinted hi-gloss lacquer.

Black Panther Hand-Hammered Bronzed snare drums are crafted using a technique discovered centuries ago when artisans discerned that hand hammering dramatically increased its dynamic range. Hand hammering creates an intricate and multi-faceted surface that replicates the resonant properties of hard wood, while maintaining the crisp sonic properties of brass. Black Panther Hand-Hammered Bronzed snares offer an uncommonly full-bodied sonic range, combining the brightness and dynamic range of a premium metal snare with the resonant characteristics of superior wood drums.

The Black Panther Hand-Hammered snare drums are hand-brushed by skilled artisans, producing a dramatically antiqued patina finish that is rich, sparkling and brilliant. The 14" by 5.5" snares are equipped with Remo Ambassador drumheads and the easy to operate Black Panther throw-off. The drum also comes complete with die-cast matching hoops, low-mass lugs, and a durable padded carrying case.

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