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MusicLab announces the release of MIDIoverLAN CP 3.0. MIDIoverLAN CP 3 is completely free of IP addressing, doesn't use TCP/IP networking protocol, and offers the lowest latency you have never seen before.

What's New in MIDIoverLAN CP 3.0:

  • MolCp3 is now completely free of IP addressing, hosts are addressed by computer name
  • MolCp3 doesn't use TCP/IP networking protocol
  • Control Panel has built-in live test tool for selected MIDI output
  • MIDI IN/OUT monitoring is improved
  • "Send Quantization Time" global parameter is added
  • "Send immediately" option (individual for each output port) is added

Read more about MIDIoverLAN CP 3 at MusicLab's MIDIoverLAN CP 3 product page.

MIDIoverLAN CP 3 editions / available configurations:
Standard / Platinum edition (depends on license kind) - provides up to 16 / 64 "MolCp3Port" (both IN/OUT) devices to transfer MIDI stream between several MIDI/Audio oriented applications (sequencers, samplers, softsynths) installed on several computers connected into the same LAN. You can choose the most suitable license configuration from total of 8 currently existing MolCp3 license kinds: SE2/PE2, SE4/PE4, SE8/PE8, SE15/PE15, where SE/PE - 16/64 port availability and 2, 4, 8, 15 - maximum number of MolCp3 hosts. You can also combine 2 and more the same or different kinds of licenses to fully conform to your rig.

MIDIoverLAN CP 3 upgrades:
If you are interested in upgrade to the new version, please send an upgrade request to supportbox@musiclab.com and include the following information:
- Your full name/email address/serial number of previous version of MIDIoverLAN
- Total number of computers you want to connect using MIDIoverLAN CP 3
- Edition choice (Standard or Platinum)

Please refer to the MIDIoverLAN CP 3 User's Manual for additional details.

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