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Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. (MOTU) is now shipping FreeStyle Version 2.31 for the following computer systems: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0 or higher, Power Macintosh and 68K Macintosh. This software upgrade makes FreeStyle's latest feature set identical across the board, bringing to all users major new features such as Event List editing, Step Record, system exclusive recording and editing, support for over 275 MIDI instruments and sound modules, and much more.

"FreeStyle 2.31 is quite a milestone for MOTU because this is the first time we've supported this many computer platforms and operating systems with a single version of a MOTU software product," commented Jim Cooper, MOTU's Marketing Director. "Now every FreeStyle user, regardless of their computer of choice, can enjoy FreeStyle's powerful, easy-to-use song writing environment, unrivaled real-time notation transcription, ground-breaking 'trackless' sequencing, and unmatched rubato Sense Tempo(tm) recording features."

FreeStyle is known for its innovative twists on traditional sequencing features, and Version 2.31 is no exception. For example, the Event List display, which shows MIDI data events in numerical form, includes a "Step Time" (ST) parameter, which shows the length of time until the next event. Use of this field dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to enter notes numerically from the computer keyboard.

FreeStyle's Step Record feature, which lets users insert notes and chords one at a time from either a computer keyboard or MIDI instrument, includes Visual Step Record(tm). Visual Step Record(tm) allows users to see the actual notes or chords they are inserting, in either piano roll form or in dynamically transcribed musical notation, right before they step-enter them. For example, if the user is entering a piece of sheet music, but they don't play piano, they can look at the chord they are inserting on-screen and then match it to the printed sheet music to make sure it's got the right notes before they actually insert it. FreeStyle's step record feature allows users to enter notes entirely from the computer keyboard, without a MIDI instrument.

FreeStyle 2.31 also includes support for inserting, recording and editing MIDI system exclusive data, Registered Parameter Number (RPN) controllers and Non-registered Parameter Number (NRPN) controller data, providing advanced users with more complete control over their MIDI instruments. FreeStyle 2.31 fully supports USB Macintosh computers.

Existing FreeStyle users can upgrade their current copy of FreeStyle at www.motu.com/store for $69, or by calling MOTU customer service at (617) 576-2760. A competitive crossgrade to FreeStyle is also available from these same sources to users of other popular sequencer programs.

The FreeStyle 2.31 retail price is $195.

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