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MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is a massive electronically morphed drum sample library with 32 Kicks, 44 Snares, 14 Tom Sets, 94 Cymbals, and several other multilayer percussion and Efx. More than 800 24-bit samples ready to quickly regenerate your drum tracks. Ranging from Pop to Hard Rock, Hip-Hop to Extreme Electronic Music, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH can help you breathe new life into your drum tracks. Often Producers and Engineers work to find the perfect balance between real drums and loops. ELEKTROMORPH represents the mix of the two worlds: Electronic samples and Natural samples. MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is not only a samples tank for replacement but a kaleidoscopic resource for creativity! ELEKTROMORPH II
ELEKTROMORPH II by MoReVox is a powerful tool which will take your drum tracks on an unexpected and creative sound adventure. Divided into Massive Path Sounds and Creative Path Sounds, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH II has been recorded with unique top quality signal paths to create individual sound coloring, then hyper-edited in both analog and digital domains. Elektromoph II gives you several ways to create amazing drum tracks: deep and punchy digital sounds, warm and dirty-valve analog sounds, dry impact drums, explosive roomy wide hits, massive pure natural sounds, classic MoReVoX creative sounds, and more, for a total of 820 samples and 118 Instruments (24-bit). MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH II comes with 30 Kicks, 40 Snares, 6 Toms Racks, 6 Sidesticks, and 36 Cymbals. All of MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH II's samples have been created with their own defined character (they can be dropped right into your project, no dynamic or EQ processing needed), and at the same time are really moldable. This makes ELEKTROMORPH II a top choice for pros. KALEIDOSCOPE
MoReVoX KALEIDOSCOPE takes a unique approach to drum libraries. Instead of using multisamples in the traditional way, with different samples for each volume level, KALEIDOSCOPE uses multisamples to represent unique sample nuances. Recorded with top audio gear, its samples have been multiprocessed up to one hundred times to create several thousand dynamic and multicolour drum samples! KALEIDOSCOPE has Liquid Fat kicks, Wide Killer snares, and Aggressive Varipitch hits with up to 15 variations/layers and 14 dynamic levels for each sound, are each are arranged in very dense patches. The 122 GOGs and 30 Battery3 Kits are divided into two categories—Full KALEIDOSCOPE Patches, full of nuances and variations in sound (ideal for extreme creative uses) and Fixed KALEIDOSCOPE Patches with limited variations in sound (perfect for everyday music and production). Engineers, producers and musicians alike will find MoReVoX KALEIDOSCOPE represents a priceless tank of alternative sounds to expand their drum palette. POCKETSLAM Acoustic 01
POCKETSLAM Acoustic 01 is a new MoReVoX's line of libraries. It was born with the idea of providing different compact collections of targeted samples with an outstanding sound quality and at a really competitive price. POCKETSLAM Acoustic 01 is the first collection and is a top-class acoustic drums library. The samples are been recorded with top-quality gear and processed in both analog and digital domain. The room sound volume is adjustable for each sample. POCKETSLAM Acoustic 01 is ideal for retrigghering, to create powerful MIDI drumtracks and amazing drum loops. Starting with its top-class basic sounds, it allows you to access up to 110 and more multilyer sounds (using the BATTERY3 patches). DRUMBUSTER
DRUMBUSTER is the "Entry Level" MoReVoX drums library. DRUMBUSTER is the easiest and advantageous way to immediately boost your drum tracks. Recorded with a Neve VR on 2" Studer A80, than digitally edited, DRUMBUSTER (15 Kicks, 10 Snares for over than 100 samples) represents the sum of analog warmth and digital dynamic. Prices:
The Creative Bundle: $289
Upgrade from ELEKTROMORPH Bundle to The Creative Bundle: $59
Quick Bundle $49
Available for Download ONLY.
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