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Re-imagine your effects seven different ways with the new TOGGLE pedal by Molten Voltage. TOGGLE features Dynamic and Programmable Channel Switching, allowing you to switch between two different analog effect loops using either a tap tempo control or the intensity of your playing. At the core, TOGGLE is a true analog, true bypass, bombproof A/B channel switching pedal, and of course that mode is available. But that is where the similarities between TOGGLE and every other channel switching pedal end...

Tap Modes: In TapSwing mode, TOGGLE alternates between Channels A and B at the same speed you tap the button. TapSwing! adds a whole new dimension to tap tempo control by allowing you to independently set the "on" time for each channel and make it swing! This is done by tapping the Tap/Channel button three times. Two taps results in a steady pulse.

TOGGLE features three additional Tap modes. If you want to double your tempo, switch to TapTwo and press once. If you want triplets, switch to TapTriplet and press once. If you want to quadruple your tempo, you guessed it, switch to TapFour and press once.

TapTwo, TapTriplet, and TapFour are also available as primary effects in the same manner as TapSwing!, with the resulting tempo 2, 3, or 4 times as fast as you tap.

Strum Mode: With StrumTrigger, TOGGLE allows you to switch effect loops based on the intensity of your playing. While you are strumming hard, the channel is toggled, while you are hardly strumming it's not.

When you enter StrumTrigger mode, Channel A is primary and will be heard while you play softly. TOGGLE will switch to Channel B while you play loudly. Pressing the Tap/Channel button swaps the primary and secondary channels.

In StrumLatch mode, TOGGLE switches channels with each distinct hard strum. During soft strumming or consistent loud playing, the channel stays latched. When you play softly then play loudly again, TOGGLE switches channels and latches onto the new channel. Pressing the Tap/Channel button switches channels manually.

Playing StrumLatch is totally intuitive. StrumLatch lets you funk to the music in a way that no pedal ever has.

External Trigger: TOGGLE also features an External Trigger input so the StrumTrigger and StrumLatch modes can be triggered via an external audio source, whether it is a pulse from a sequencer, a feed from a different instrument (such as a kick drum), or even a microphone! The External Trigger overrides the Input signal for switching purposes but is isolated from the audio signal path.

The External Trigger level or your instrument's signal level can be modulated using the Gain control over a wide dynamic range. The Gain control does not affect the audio signal path.

The output level of each channel can also be independently controlled with the Level Out knobs.

Power: TOGGLE is designed to run off 6 AA rechargeable (or alkaline) batteries that can be inserted by removing its six screws with a Phillips screwdriver. TOGGLE can also utilize a 9-25 volt, 2.1 or 2.5mm, tip positive, DC power supply (minimum 140mA) which overrides the batteries. Batteries and power supply are not included.

Manufacturing: Like all Molten Voltage products, TOGGLE is built using only the highest quality components and craftsmanship including a machined aluminum powder-coated enclosure, epoxy ink silkscreening, steel jacks, heavy-duty switches, and true bypass.

Video Links: Molten Voltage has uploaded two videos of TOGGLE to YouTube. The first video demonstrates many of TOGGLE's features and the second gives 31 examples of how to incorporate TOGGLE into a song: Follow this link to see a video demo of TOGGLE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KznB3VhY3c. Follow this link to see a video showing 31 ways to use TOGGLE in a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KznB3VhY3c

Price: At $295 MSPR, TOGGLE is priced competitively with other American-made hand-built "boutique" pedals. TOGGLE is available at MoltenVoltage.com and from a few select retailers.

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