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KORG Electribe MX Music Production Station *Preliminary Information

The Electribe series is joined by a new model at Musikmesse, marrying modern technology with the warm, fat sound of vacuum tubes. The Electribe MX is still being finalized, and this is still considered preliminary information.

The Electribe MX surpasses its siblings with even more extreme sounds and instant usability. Sound parameters can be edited in realtime simply by using the knobs and switches located on the front panel, letting you create sounds just as you would on an analog synthesizer. The Electribe MX provides everything needed to create sophisticated dance music - nine drum parts, five synth parts, plus accent parts that let you add dynamic accents to the drum and synth parts (for a total of 16 parts). The built-in VALVE FORCE vacuum tube circuitry lets you finesse your tone.

The Electribe MX features KORG's new MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) engine. The Synth Oscillator provides sixteen different oscillator algorithms including not only powerful analog synthesis models, but sophisticated additive, PCM, combination and formant models as well. Other functions include "Chord Oscillator" which lets you produce the sound of chords with just a single note, "Unison Oscillator" which detunes the pitch of as many as six oscillators to generate incredibly fat sounds, and "Wave Shape" which mixes two oscillators and then applies modulation to create complex waveforms. 207 drum PCM sounds and 76 synth PCM sounds are built-in and ready for immediate use, and range from powerful kick and snare beats through amazingly unique organic sounds.

In addition to four multi-mode resonant filters, there's a "Drive" parameter that produces the distinctive overdrive of analog circuitry, creating powerful analog synth sounds. "BPF+" (Band Pass Filter Plus) with adjustable peaking as well as combinations of LFO and EG modulation allow you to create wonderfully bizarre sounds.

Twin Vacuum Tubes

The VALVE FORCE circuitry in the Electribe MX contains two vacuum tubes that can be used as a mastering effect to add new power to your sound. The tube gain knob adjusts the level at which the output signal is passed through the vacuum tubes, letting you create dynamic sounds with the distinctive tonal quality that only tubes deliver. This is not simple "distortion," but rather a natural effect that enhances the tonal changes in your music.

Three Stereo Effects to Process Your Sound

The effects from previous models of the Electribe series have been further enhanced to provide three multi-effect units (with16 types of effect per unit) for simultaneous use. The wide variety of effects includes a cool Talking Modulator, and a Grain Shifter that lets you freeze an instant of the sound and adjust the loop interval to the tempo. Sounds can be routed independently to the three effects, or you can use the Chain function to link effects together, opening up further sonic possibilities.

Nearly 200 Patterns included

The factory settings include 192 patterns ideal for all genres of today's dance music and beyond. Each pattern can save the sound settings and sequence data (maximum 128 steps) for each part, and 256 patterns can be stored in the internal memory. Pattern chaining is fast and flexible. You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob movements to create up to 64 songs.

Assign your favorite patterns to the 16 step keys, and you can use switchable Pattern Sets to select patterns while you perform. Chain Play lets you choose a starting pattern and ending pattern, and loop the performance. You can also create and save your own original pattern sets.

Built-in Step Sequencer

The 14 part keys and 16 step keys on the panel of the Electribe MX allow for easy, intuitive song production. Realtime recording lets you record phrases as you perform, and step recording lets you use the keys to input timing, pitch and duration one note at a time. Since you can specify the last step, it's easy to make instant changes to the feel or length of the song.

Record Knob Movements with a Pattern

The Motion Sequence records realtime knob tweaks and plays them back as part of the pattern. You can loop sounds with time-varying changes, creating original performance effects even in a live situation. Two types of motion sequence are provided; one for effects and one for parts, and each can also be edited for individual steps. You can record up to 24 motion sequences for use in a single pattern, allowing you to control virtually every sound parameter.

Arpeggiator with Ribbon Controller

The arpeggiator can be used for both live performance and for song production. Simply touch the Gate Time / Resolution ribbon, and the selected part will begin sounding automatically. For a drum part, touching the ribbon will trigger notes, and sliding your finger up and down will change the note resolution. For a synth part, use the step keys to play the notes you want to arpeggiate - the ribbon controller affects note duration, and the slider can be played in real-time to generate new phrases. The resulting arpeggiator phrases can even be recorded into a Pattern. When playing a synth part, you can also specify what type of musical scale the slider will generate, giving you even wider expressive possibilities.

Process External Audio Sources

By using the stereo inputs, any external audio signal can be used as an oscillator, and processed by the internal filter and effects. The Electribe MX provides two independent audio outputs in addition to the L/MONO and R main stereo output.

Auto BPM Detection

The Auto BPM function automatically detects the tempo from any rhythmic source connected to the audio in jacks, and applies that tempo to the pattern. Of course you can also use Tap Tempo to set the tempo, or sync up to an external MIDI Clock.

SmartMedia Support

Pattern and song data created on the Electribe MX can be saved on SmartMedia cards for quick and easy data management.

Electribe MX Specifications Summary

  • Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling + PCM
  • Oscillator type: 16 (Synth Part)
  • Filter type: 4 (Synth Part)
  • Drive Circulation (Synth Part)
  • Modulation Function (Assignable, Tempo Synchronization)
  • Number of Waveforms: 207 drum PCM waveforms, 76 Synth PCM waveforms (16bit, 44.1kHz)
  • Number of Parts: 16 total; 5 synth parts, 9 drum parts, 1 synthesizer accent part, 1 drum accent part
  • Memory: 256 patterns, 64 songs (*Provisional number, as of March '03)
  • Effects: 16 types x 3 (Chain)
  • Sequencer: Maximum 128 steps by part, Maximum 24 motion sequence by pattern Maximum 256 patterns
  • Arpeggiator: Ribbon + Slider, Scale
  • Output: L/Mono, R (phone jack: mono x 2), Individual 3, 4 (phone jack: mono x 2), Headphone (phone jack: stereo)
  • Input: Audio In (phone jack: mono)
  • MIDI: In, Out, Thru
  • External Memory: SmartMedia(TM) (4-128 MB, 3V)
  • Vacuum tube: 12AX x 2
  • Power Consumption: 15W (*Provisional number, as of March '03)
  • Power Supply: AC IN (AC9V)
  • Weight: 3 kg / 6.61 lbs. (*Provisional number, as of March '03)
  • Accessories: AC adaptor

(* Specifications and features are subject to change without notice. )

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