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Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for motion 
picture, broadcast surround sound applications, and consumer electronics,
announced two new products at NAB for the broadcast and post-production
industries. On demo, an all new AudioTools Server configuration, the AudioTools
Loudness Control Server, and a new release of AudioTools AWE.

Addressing the recent governmental initiatives and regulations regarding
loudness control, the AudioTools Loudness Control Server (ALCS) is an
enterprise?level software suite for faster-than-realtime automated
processing, measurement and control of loudness in audio and video
programs. ALCS seamlessly integrates with existing Service Oriented
Architectures without any need for additional hardware. With industry
standard interfaces like SOAP Web Services and watched folders via XML
commands built in, ALCS is ready for unattended operation.

As a specialized example of the many configuration possibilities of the
AudioTools Server platform, AudioTools Loudness Control Server provides
automated loudness control of audio files in both linear PCM and encoded
formats, such as Dolby E or Dolby Digital (Plus). In compliance with both
ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R 128, and in accordance with the Commercial
Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, AudioTools Loudness Control
Server performs loudness measurement and metering, reporting and
diagnostics, validation and compliance assurance, and correction and
control of the audio essence. Processing is performed "in place," directly
on remote file servers without need of lengthy local file copies. ALCS can
also perform essence extraction, replacement and insertion, and optional
reconfiguration of the audio payload from MXF or QuickTime files. In cases
where the incoming file format is MXF, the AudioTools MXF module is used to
rapidly extract the relevant audio streams using ReWrap?, which extracts
only the relevant audio and significantly speeds up data processing.

Also at NAB 2011, the premier of the latest release of AudioTools AWE, a
compact, stand-alone entry-level solution for intelligent batch processing
of digital audio assets. Existing files can be post-processed or
re-purposed quickly and easily in a completely predefined way. With over
two-dozen different signal and file processing functions, AudioTools AWE
allows engineers to specify an end-to-end file handling and DSP chain of
actions that can run automatically. With new features to enhance operation,
along with performance and stability improvements, AudioTools AWE version
1.6 significantly reduces repetitive work loads. The new release adds
complete support for the Dolby E format, allowing post houses and DTV
workgroups to have all the capabilities of a hardware solution in a single
stand-alone software application.

"At this year's NAB, we're showcasing our range of workflow automation
products, from entry-level to enterprise," said John Schur, President of
Minnetonka Audio. "AudioTools Server's broad capabilities, from loudness
control to quality control, are unequaled by any other system, while
AudioTools AWE lets any production group, regardless of size, get into the
automation game."

AWE version 1.6 adds support for three new options: SurCode for Dolby? E
Stream Player, plus SurCode for Dolby? E Decoder and Encoder. SurCode for
Dolby? E Stream Player automatically decodes Dolby E content, performing a
real-time downmix to stereo using embedded metadata parameters. As a
complement to a complete Dolby E workflow or a low cost quality control
solution for the production chain, SurCode for Dolby? E Stream Player
easily integrates the Dolby E format into existing workflows across
platforms and applications, providing more choice for video post production
professionals. Version 1.6 also supports the all-inclusive SurCode for
Dolby? E Decoder and Encoder plug-ins for facilities that require in-depth
functionality across all of their production platforms.

AudioTools AWE is included at no charge as part of the SurCode for Dolby? E
Bundle. For information call Minnetonka Audio at 1-952-449-6481 or visit
the website at www.minnetonkaaudio.com.

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