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Germantown, MD - Milbert Amplifiers introduces the GAGA D-30 tube guitar
amplifier, third in the line of Guitar Artists' Guitar Amplifiers. Based
on the revolutionary GAGA 90 and offering similar features and
functions, the "domestic" model GAGA D-30 provides from 1 Watt up to 30
Watts full power audio output, disarmingly light 11 pounds total weight,
and 120V / 240V mains input.


GAGA D-30 may be upgraded to either the domestic GAGA D-60 model, or to
the international model GAGA 90. The upgradeable nature of GAGA
Amplifiers, unprecedented in guitar power amplification, extends already
extreme versatility and furthers good investment into the future.

Important features common to GAGA Amplifiers include:
() Patented technologies, fresh to the guitar world
() No traditional audio output transformer, unveiling stunning clarity
of tone
() Disarmingly light-weight, yet providing high-power capability
() Ability to play over 30 kinds of tubes, in unlimited combinations,
for unprecedented tonal versatility
() Adjustable Headroom for more distortion at low volumes (down to 1 Watt)
() Auto-Everything™ that auto-biases all tubes
() Auto-Impedance™ and Blow-Proof™ universal speaker outputs
() Advanced, regulated power supplies
() Greatly extended tube lifetimes and Auto-Standby™
() P3-Ready™ 9V high-current phantom power for pedals and active pickups
() Upgradeability throughout the amplifier series
() Hallmark hugely marked knobs offering obvious, direct, intuitive control
() Esoteric, high-end audio pedigree
() Made in USA with top-quality throughout

Uniquely, GAGA Amplifiers eliminate all traditional transformers and
bulky magnetics, audibly and measurably unleashing the purest possible
tube performance - to delighted artists' reviews. Michael Milbert
describes GAGA amplifiers as "resoundingly unique" and "genuinely new
kinds of tube guitar amplifiers for the new age."

GAGA D-30 street price US $1,950 -- available directly from


For over 25 years, Milbert Amplifiers has made vacuum tube audio
products to deliver sonic excellence in the most punishing environments,
receiving many glowing reviews during that time. Milbert now offers in
GAGA amplifiers something truly special for music makers and lovers. Top
quality, most musical audio equipment that endures -- we've provided it
for decades, and GAGA amplifiers are similarly made to thrill and delight.

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