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Melodyne is a multitrack audio recording and editing application which enables the handling of audio files in a completely new way. It separates recordings into score notes and allows one to edit vocals, solo instruments and percussion in the same way as editing MIDI tracks. Melodyne arranges and combines existing audio files and allows the design of sounds at a detailed musical level. It can change pitch, shift formats and even edit timing and intonation, all at an award-winning sound quality. Melodyne is used for both correction of intonation and timing problems and also as a creative tool for arranging songs as well as designing sounds.

Melodyne v2.0 offers a wide range of integration options and adds many new features over previous releases. This latest version introduces the "MelodyneBridge", a new technology which allows Melodyne to be connected to any VST or AudioUnit host. Though Melodyne remains a stand-alone application, it can now be used as if it was an effect plug-in without adding any latency.

In addition, Melodyne v2.0 implements the ReWire protocol and can be connected and synced to all ReWire-compatible applications like Cubase, DigitalPerformer, Live, Logic, ProTools or Reason. It can also be synced to MidiClock and SMPTE, and supports MIDI In and Out as well. Users can control Melodyne via MIDI keyboards and remote controllers (MackieControl, LogicControl, Radical SAC and others) and can send the musical content of audio file as MIDI to synthesizers in realtime. This includes velocity and pitch phrasings, which makes it one of the most impressive audio to MIDI converters available.

Futhermore Melodyne's mixing features have been improved by adding equalizers, insert effects, aux sends and returns, group tracks and access to both VST and AudioUnit effect plug-ins (like Waves, Prosoniq, PSP, TCWorks and others). While Melodyne alreaey runs on ASIO, DirectX, SoundManager and CoreAudio based hardware, the Studio Edition of the new version adds DirectIO support allowing you to use Digidesign hardware.

Melodyne v2.0 is available at most music stores now and at the Celemony WebShop shortly. Melodyne v2.0 cre8 allows one to edit 8 tracks simultaneously and supports files up to 48 Khz and 24 bit; the recommended retail price is 395 EUR. Melodyne v2.0 Studio Edition can load and edit a virtually unlimited amount of tracks and support 32 bit files and samples rates up to 192 kHz, available for 695 EUR. Both versions offer a 500 level undo function. The upgrade from Melodyne v1.1 or v1.5 is available for 99 EUR, while users who have registered since January 2003 can upgrade for free.

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