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At the Winter NAMM show, Cycling '74 announced Maxi-Patch, a hybrid vinyl/software technology that gives turntablists control over the audio and video universe. Developed by Ms. Pinky of Santa Cruz, California, Maxi-Patch is a combination of vinyl and software that offers a wide-open playing field for the interaction between analog phonograph turntables and computer technology that works as a simple interface to the Cycling '74 Max/MSP graphical programming environment and Jitter video and 3-D software extensions.

Ms. Pinky's records use a special digital control waveform that, when used with Max/MSP/Jitter, can "scratch" audio files, video clips, or control any imaginable digital synthesis, processing, or 3-D algorithm. Other "vinyl" systems on the market are limited to allowing users to play back digital audio files as if they were tracks recorded on a vinyl record.

Ms. Pinky demonstrated the digital video scratching, digital DJ techniques, and the control of the Max/MSP-based Spat spatialization software from IRCAM at the Cycling '74 booth at NAMM Ms. Pinky offers a membership in her fan club which includes the Maxi-Patch as well as a standalone software application, and the choice of four records in either black or pink vinyl, for $99.

Cycling '74 is offering a bundle of its Max/MSP software with the Ms. Pinky system for $550. The product is available now from Ms. Pinky's web site at www.mspinky.com . Replacement vinyl records are $9.95 each. The Ms. Pinky/Max/MSP bundle will be available from Cycling '74 on January 30. Ms. Pinky is compatible with both Max/MSP 4.1 on Mac OS 9 and 4.2 on Mac OS X. A Windows XP version of Ms. Pinky software is scheduled to be released by the end of the second quarter 2003.

About Ms. Pinky

MsPinky's "Interdimensional Wrecked System" technology is developed by BabyTalk FX, L.L.C. of Santa Cruz, CA. For more information please visit www.mspinky.com.

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