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Delivering world-class sound quality in both the Clean and High Gain channels using custom-designed components and a well-executed all-tube signal path, the Masters Design TVA30 from U.S. Masters Guitar Works has a vintage look but with versatility that is exciting players from metal to country to rock, blues and more. The TVA30 is certainly not a "one-sound" amplifier!

The TVA30 delivers 30 watts with 4 EL84s through a massive, 70% over-rated, custom-designed output transformer so the full output potential of the amplifier and powerful low-end response can be realized without restriction. The amplifier is a stable, non-reactive design which performs well clean or distorted at both low and high volume. It is capable of delivering thick, strong low-end power without choking or losing sound quality.

The TVA30 has two channels, Clean and Drive, the high gain channel. The sound quality of the Clean channel is enough reason alone to own the TVA30. When turned up, the Clean channel overdrives like an old English tube amp, with a breath and responsiveness that truly makes the amplifier an extension of your instrument and technique. And, the Effects Level control can be set up as a Master Volume so you can achieve the overdrive sound on the Clean channel at low volume levels.

The Drive channel has a tremendous range of gain, employing 4 stages ahead of the driver/splitter stages. It is responsive to the volume control on your guitar and your dynamics, so you can play with just a little edge to your tone or play rhythm or lead with heavy distortion that remains tight, responsive and articulate. The quality of the distortion allows for a greater range of expression and styles.

Though the tone control layout is relatively simple, an unusually large variety of sounds are provided by the Boost switch and the interaction of the Bass, Middle and Treble controls.

Additional features include Reverb, Effects Loop and a Footswitch for channel switching and reverb on/off. The custom-designed reverb provides a smooth, more natural fullness and space to the sound without obtrusive ring or chatter. A post-preamp Effects Send and Effects Return are provided for more effective use of external effects/signal processing devices such as delay, reverb, flanger, chorus, phrase loopers, etc. The Effects Send can also be used as a Direct Out. The Effects Return can be used as a Direct In/ Power Amp In.

The TVA30 is quiet. Properly drained shielded wiring is used throughout the preamp signal path. The amplifier is built using a combination of Point-To-Point hand-wiring and printed circuit boards. And, to further insure reliability, low noise, clean sustaining tones and low spurious and static noise, no connectors are used inside the amplifier for the signal path or power supply. A custom-designed toroidal power transformer is employed to reduce EMI, hum and noise and to provide more stable voltage while also reducing weight.

The Masters Design premium quality RedBack G1280 12" speaker is used in the 1 x 12" open-back combo and the 112S closed-back speaker enclosure. It is a custom design to eliminate peaks in the response curves and allow the amplifier, guitar and player more control over the character of the sound.

The TVA30 is designed for professional recording and touring application. With its custom-designed major and critical components, quality of construction, pristine circuitry and high performance, the TVA30 stands alone as a unique offering in the amplifier marketplace.

TVA30 Combo with 1 x 12" speaker - $899 MSRP
TVA30 Head - $759 MSRP
112S 1 x 12" closed back, 8ohm, 80 watt speaker enclosure - $359 MSRP
The TVA30 Combo, head and cabinet are available now in: black, cream, tweed and red.


  • 30 watt output power with 4 EL84/6BQ5 and 3 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • All-tube signal path
  • 2 channels, Clean and Drive (high gain) with front panel switching or footswitch
  • High and Low (attenuated) Inputs
  • Controls: Clean volume, Drive (gain) level, Drive Volume, Channel switch, Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Effect Level, Standby, Power
  • Rear Panel: Footswitch (reverb and channel), Effects Send, Effects Return, Speaker Outputs, Impedance Selector
  • Speaker: Masters Design RedBack G1280, 12" with 80 watts power handling
  • Cabinet Construction: finger-jointed plywood
  • Footswitch included with both Head and Combo
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