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Neyrinck announces SoundCode For Dolby E version 2.0, now shipping for Mac and Windows systems.

Version 2.0 is a major update to the Dolby E software tools making it easier and faster to work with Dolby E. Version 2.0 features a highly accelerated Dolby E encoding engine for faster encodes, a new Final Cut encoding plug-in, Audio Unit and VST decoding plug-ins, and hot folder Dolby E decoding. Also, version 2.0 features a new Mac utility called N-Mon for realtime Dolby E decode monitoring with Quicktime Player, Final Cut, and external video tape testing. Version 2.0 is available as a free update for current SoundCode For Dolby E owners.

For version 2.0, the Neyrinck team analyzed the Dolby E encode engine to look for inefficiencies that could be improved upon. Adding to the challenge was the fact that the engine operates in many ways: a standalone application, a Pro Tools plug-in, and in version 2.0, a Final Cut export plug-in. The initial goal was to accelerate only the standalone application, but they found that the Pro Tools environment could also be accelerated thanks to Pro Tools' Audiosuite architecture. The result is an accelerated encoding engine that encodes 1.5 to 4 times faster depending upon the computer system.

With version 2.0, Dolby E encoding now operates directly in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express as an export plug-in. One or more project sequences can be selected from a project to be exported as Dolby E. The plug-in automatically uses the time code, frame rate, and optionally the in/out points of each sequence which makes it easy-to-use and reduces operator error. A batch processing mode allows any combination of sequences to be Dolby E encoded at one time for efficient workflows.

SoundCode For Dolby E's decoding has also been extended tremendously in version 2.0. VST and Audio Unit plug-ins have been added to allow realtime Dolby E monitoring in workstations such as Nuendo, Pyramix, and Soundtrack Pro. Dolby E monitoring has been extended to output all eight channels simultaneous. A hot folder decode feature has been added to the standalone app for ingest workflows. And on the Mac, Neyrinck has created a utility called N-Mon that uses the Audio Unit plug-in as a realtime Dolby E monitor for Quicktime Player, Final Cut, or external video tape deck. N-Mon accomplishes application monitoring by providing a core audio input device that any core audio application can connect to. N-Mon uses the Audio Unit decoder plug-in to decode and play the audio out to any core audio device. And N-Mon provides the option to monitor from any core audio input so a Mac can operate as a standalone Dolby E monitor for testing video tape laybacks.

Paul Neyrinck, president and founder of Neyrinck, says "In version 1.0 we accomplished smooth, realtime Dolby E decoding as well as faster-than-realtime encoding. But we had an inkling we could speed up the encoding on the standalone application. As we analyzed it, we discovered that the the Pro Tools Audiosuite system could also be significantly accelerated. Our Pro Tools customers really like the Audiosuite integration so this is a big win for them. And now that decoding operates in realtime with most audio and video applications, SoundCode For Dolby E is the easiest, fastest, and most complete Dolby E solution available."

For further information visit: http://www.neyrinck.com

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