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M3 (Music Mix Mobile), a New Jersey/California-based remote facilities company 
combining the talents of award-winning production professionals and state-of-
the-art audio solutions, is a collective consisting of industry veterans John
Harris, Jay Vicari, Joel Singer, Mitch Maketansky and West Coast-based partners
Bob Wartinbee and Mark Linett. On Sunday, February 13, 2011, M3 was commissioned
to capture and mix the music audio for the 53rd annual GRAMMY Awards, broadcast
live in 5.1 on CBS-TV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. In the companys dual
Eclipse and Horizon trucks, the GRAMMY Award Show Broadcast Music Mixers John
Harris and Eric Schilling, along with M3 Engineer-in-Charge Joel Singer, were on
site to ensure the audio would be of the highest quality, and they chose Genelec
8200 Series Active DSP Monitoring Systems. Genelec DSP systems consisting of 8250A
Bi-Amplified Active DSP Monitors (in an L-C-R array) and 8240A Bi-Amplified Active
DSP Monitors (L-R rear), along with 7260A Active DSP Subwoofers, were used in M3s
Eclipse truck for the live music mix, as well as in the identical mirrored system
in the Horizon offline remix truck.

The team responsible for the audio at this years GRAMMYs again included a whos who
of broadcast audio. The broadcast music mix was handled by Harris and Schilling and
was supervised by Hank Neuberger, a prominent member of The Recording Academy
Producers & Engineers Wing. ATK/Audiotek provided the sound system with FOH
(front-of-house) Engineers Ron Reaves and Mikael Stewart.

In the days leading up to the awards ceremony and broadcast, the nights performers
rehearsed their segments live on the stage, with Schilling and Harris developing the
mixes in real-time in the Eclipse truck and then going over those performances
offline while playing them back for artist managers and the artists themselves in
the Horizon truck. Together, they prepared for the live broadcast mix, so it was
vital that both trucks had a world-class, consistent monitoring environment.

Joel Singer, Engineer-in-Charge and co-founder of M3, stated, As we added trucks to
our operation, we wanted to have a consistent monitoring environment, not only for
reference during recording and broadcast, but for the artists, producers and
managers that come into our trucks for playback. I have worked with Genelecs for
years, and everybody is very comfortable with them because theyre the high-end
industry standard. With a show like the GRAMMYs, were rehearsing and playing back
tracks for up to 15 hours a day for several days, but with the Genelecs, no one ever
experiences ear fatigue. They deliver accurate, transparent sound, providing us with
the security of knowing exactly what were hearing on the night of the broadcast.

Will Eggleston, Genelec USA Marketing Director, stated, For several years, M3s
engineers have relied on Genelec Active Monitoring systems for their GRAMMY Awards
mixing. This is Musics Biggest Night, and we are very proud that the elite in
broadcast mixing use our monitors for the elite in performing. It always sounds
excellent, and it is great that they have come to rely on Genelec for these intense
mixing situations!

The Genelec 8200 Series Bi-Amplified Active Monitors employ the companys proprietary
DSP (Digital Signal Processing), GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software) and
AutoCal (Automated Calibration software) technologies, which together create a
self-calibrating monitoring solution that both guarantees accurate audio and ensures
a steady-paced workflow. This, combined with M3s long-time use of Genelec active
monitors, made the Genelec DSP monitors an easy decision.

For more information, please visit www.genelecusa.com.


Pictured L-R: 53rd GRAMMY® Awards Broadcast Co-Music Mixer Eric Schilling and M3 Engineer-in-Charge

Joel Singer. Genelec DSP systems consisting of 8250A Bi-Amplified Active DSP Monitors and 8240A

Bi-Amplified Active DSP Monitors, along with the 7260A Active DSP Subwoofers, were used in M3’s Eclipse

truck for the live music mix, as well as in the identical mirrored system in the Horizonoffline remix truck.

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