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Roland Corporation U.S. has formed a partnership with Emagic to develop and deliver new Logic Audio VS software. Logic Audio VS gives VS-880, VS-880EX and VS-1680 users an exclusive, specially developed version of one of the most popular Mac- and PC-based MIDI sequencing/audio production programs on the market today. Most notably, it includes the ability to precisely edit VS audio tracks alongside MIDI sequences in a completely integrated music production environment. This powerful system is an intuitive and elegant way to produce music using a VS workstation, storing all audio data inside the VS workstation while editing the audio and MIDI within Logic's popular and intuitive interface.

LogicVS is based on the popular entry level version of the Logic System: MicroLogic AV.LogicVS supports the VS only and does not include any other audio driver. In order for the program to run with VS hardware, it must be connected to the computer via MIDI. The transport functions of the VS are controlled by LogicVS via MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and Logic VS is synchronized by the VS via MTC (MIDI Time Code). To begin working you will have to create a new song in LogicVS. When doing so, LogicVS automatically creates an Arrange Window for the VS and an Environment with the right set of audio objects. These audio objects give you full control over volume, pan and the 3 EQs for each track of the VS. All these controls can be automated. When beginning a new song, the waveform overviews for all the VS tracks have to be imported from the VS. Once they have been read completely they will be saved on the computer's hard drive, in other words, the overview will be available instantly the next time you load the corresponding VS song.

Editing audio files in the arrange window is easy with standard drag and drop commands. The following options are available:

  • Moving a region
  • Copying a region
  • Deleting a region
  • Divide a region
Executing any of these edits in LogicVS will trigger the transmission of MIDI events to the VS to realize the changes in the hardware. Remember though, the VS is not a real non-destructive file/region based system: what is gone is truly gone! Therefore not all of Logic's standard UNDOs can be reflected in the VS hardware.

Due to the architecture of the VS hardware LogicVS cannot provide the following features:

  • Audio Window
  • Sample Editing
  • Changes to the length of audio regions
  • Import/export to/from WAV or AIFF files

LogicVS is scheduled to become available in June and is based on the new 4.0 version of the Logic Audio system. Emagic is currently working on the cost and logistic details with Roland and the final pricing can expected to be announced in May. The idea is to ship a LogicVS with every new VS hardware in as many countries as possible and make LogicVS available to existing users worldwide via the Emagic website for a special price. Please visit the Emagic website frequently in May to find out more about the distribution of LogicVS.

Following the new Logic Audio 4.0 release Emagic plans to integrate the VS support into Logic Audio Silver, Gold and Platinum. Besides many other features, these versions provide much more advanced MIDI editing options. VS users who have gotten familiar with computer based hard disk recording may be interested in exploring the high end audio editing features of the bigger Logic Audio version and by using a Digital Audio PCI card (for example Audiowerk8) to import their VS audio tracks directly into Logic Audio.

When exactly the VS-support will become available for the big Logic Audio versions has yet to be determined. The Upgrade pricing structure can expected to be similar to the standard upgrade prices for MicroLogic AV owners.

Roland will be bundling the Logic Audio VS production/sequencing software free with every VS-1680 and VS-880EX unit beginning in the second quarter of 1999. Planning is also underway to allow existing V-Studio owners to take advantage of this special offer. Further details will be announced at a later date.

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