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For Linear Acoustic, the 2011 NAB Show will be a  showcase of innovative new products, new features, enhanced designs, and  exclusive upgrades. Most obvious will be the new 2RU version of the  company's signature TV audio processor, the AERO.air™. Only size and  weight were lost in the reduction from the 3RU unit. Key features that  were once optional upgrades will be made standard on many 2011 versions  of the Linear Acoustic product line.

AERO.air™ Transmission Audio/Loudness Manager
The AERO.air™ continues to  solve the newly regulated "commercial loudness problem" and now offers  more features in a sleek, smaller, and lighter 2RU chassis. Many  optional upgrades on last year's model are now standard features. HD/SD-  SDI I/O allows for de-embedding and re-embedding up to 16 channels of  audio plus SMPTE 2020 (VANC) metadata. UPMAX-II™ provides a more  spacious and stable 5.1 upmix from a stereo source. CrowdControl™  ensures dialogue is preserved even in rich stereo mixes. The new  AERO.air retains all the features that has made it the proven choice for  DTV audio transmission and loudness management.

AERO.one™ DTV Audio/Loudness Manager
AERO.one™ is a simple,  cost-effective solution designed to manage loudness, upmixing, metadata,  signal routing, and audio coding. This 1RU product is the ideal choice  for affiliate stations that need to match local and network content and  provide a seamless surround sound experience for their viewers. Also  well suited as a processor for the backup transmission path, AERO.one  allows the audio quality of the main path to be matched in a  cost-effective manner. The AERO.one is now available in three versions —  dual stereo (2+2), surround sound (5.1), and both (5.1+2). HD/SD-SDI  I/O and dual power supplies are now included as standard features.

LQ-1000™ Loudness Quality Monitor
The LQ-1000™ employs the  ITU-R BS.1770 method for measuring loudness and displays the results in a  logical, easy-to-understand format. A colorful long-life OLED display  groups critical loudness parameters like three adjustable integrated  loudness measures, loudness history, current peak level, maximum peak  level, and the loudness target. New EBU mode adds relative gating  feature and loudness range metering to the unit at no extra cost. The  new LQ-1000 adds as standard features a simple "gain apply" scaling  function and HD/SD-SDI I/O.

UPMAX® 5.1 Channel Upmixer
UPMAX® offers a stable and  trusted algorithm in a cost- and space-efficient package, perfect for  remote OB trucks. Upmixing can be controlled via the front panel, GPI  inputs, or metadata from serial or VANC (SDI) sources applied to the  unit. A bright LED display, rotary encoder, and four control keys  provide straightforward menu navigation and function adjustment. UPMAX  also includes a utility encoder that accepts 5.1 channels and produces a  two-channel LoRo or LtRt output. This encoder can be independent or it  can be fed by the same channels applied to the upmixer. HD/SD-SDI I/O,  now a standard feature, allows access to all 16 embedded audio channels.

AERO.file™ File-Based Audio/Loudness Manager
AERO.file™ brings proven  audio technologies to the file-based domain where they can be even more  effective. Advanced RadiantGrid transmuxing and transwrapping enables  the audio essence to be extracted from a host of popular file wrappers,  measured, scaled, and processed, then re-wrapped in sync without  disturbing other video or data essences. Standard support for WAV, AIFF,  Dolby® Digital (AC-3), Dolby Digital Plus, MPEG 1 Layer II, MP3, AAC,  ACELP, WMA, and AMR is included. And new this year, AERO.file adds Dolby  E encoding and decoding and EBU mode to complement the existing ITU-R  BS.1770 loudness measurement.

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