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Lexicon, the leading manufacturer of digital effects processing announces the MPX G2 Guitar Effects Processor, the flagship in its new Custom Shop line. The MPX G2 offers guitarists superior effects in recording and performance applications.

Designed for guitarists who are serious about their tone, the MPX G2 works with any amp, from combo to stack, allowing the guitarist to place authentic effects anywhere in the signal chain, without altering the amp's basic tone. Two separate signal paths allows effects such as compression, wah and analog overdrive to be placed in front of the amp, while other effects like delay, chorus and reverb can be placed in the amp's effects loop. For direct recording or PA applications, the MPX G2 can be used without an amplifier as a stand-alone programmable analog preamp with effects.

The MPX G2 provides the effects guitarists want, analog and digital. Like the award-winning Lexicon MPX 1, the new MPX G2 uses multiple processors, a proprietary LexichipTM for uncompromised reverb at all times, and a new fast math DSP processor that lets the MPX G2 run even more 32-bit effects simultaneously. The MPX G2 has effects that are extraordinary recreations of classics like the Uni-Vibe, Dyna-Comp, VOX and Cry Baby Wah as well as Intelligent Pitch Shifting and 20-second full-bandwidth delays. Other world-class effects include: Chorus, Flanger, Sweep Filter, Detuner, Rotary Speaker, Parametric EQ and Tremolo -- over 60 effects in all. Dynamic GainTM, Lexicon's new analog distortion technology, provides screaming overdrive and warm distortion tones.

Lexicon's optional MPX R1 MIDI Remote Controller provides enhanced hands-off control of all the MPX G2 features, and creates a powerful, versatile system with two programmable relays to switch up to four amplifier channels and control up to seven effects at once. In addition, MIDI setups let the guitarist control as many as sixteen different devices on as many as sixteen MIDI channels with a single button push.

Together, the Lexicon MPX G2 and R1 offer guitarists a new alternative to any imaginable set-up of stomp boxes, rack gear and MIDI floor boards.

The MPX G2 will retail in the U.S. for under $1800.00, and be available in the second quarter of 1998.

*Uni-Vibe, Dyna-Comp, VOX and Cry Baby Wah are trademarked by their respective manufacturers.

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