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The new 8XT and 12XT from L-ACOUSTICS represent the next generation of single-point-source coaxial loudspeakers. Drawing upon two decades of real world, leading edge experience dating back to the MRD coaxial concept in 1987, the new XT systems deliver the ultimate sonic performance in a compact and versatile multi-tasking package.

Featuring an extremely compact (16.6" H x 9.8" W x 10.6" D) and lightweight (24.2 lbs.) design, the 8XT cabinet is the most compact model of the L-ACOUSTICS coaxial range. Operating on a frequency bandwidth of 65 Hz to 20 kHz, this response can be lowered to 32 Hz with the addition of the SB118 subwoofer.

The 8XT contains a 1.5-inch-diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by an eight-inch low-frequency transducer in a bass-reflex tune enclosure. The internal passive crossover network uses proprietary third-order filters with built-in phase compensation. The linearization and protection of the transducers is defined by the drive parameters contained in the LA4 amplified controller.

Housed in a slightly larger enclosure (21.3" H x 16.1" W x 15.3" D; 63.8 lbs.), the 12XT combined active/passive cabinet is the mid-sized model of the L-ACOUSTICS coaxial range. It features an operating frequency bandwidth of 55 Hz to 20 kHz and, like the 8XT, this response can be lowered to 32 Hz via the use of the SB118 subwoofer.

The 12XT contains a three-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded onto a 12-inch low-frequency transducer in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. Managed by the LA4 controlled amplifier, the active filtering encompasses advanced crossover functions, system EQ, HF and LF transducer time-alignment, and dual (real time and RMS) protection of the transducers. In passive mode, the 12XT onboard crossover network uses proprietary fourth-order filters with built-in phase compensators, and the linearization and protection of the transducers is defined by the drive parameters contained in the LA4 amplified controller.

The coaxial transducer arrangement of the 8XT and 12XT produces an axi-symmetric directivity output (90 degrees and 100 degrees, respectively) along with a smooth tonal response free of any acoustic conflicts over the entire frequency range.

The wedge-shaped cabinet design of the two XT models makes them perfectly suited to all multipurpose sound reinforcement applications in addition to short or long throw monitoring use via two fixed angle settings of 30 and 40 degrees (with regard to vertical). Made of high grade Baltic birch plywood, the cabinets also feature a pole mount socket and a predrilled template for third party Omnimount fixtures. L-ACOUSTICS brackets are also available for flown applications.

Due to their flexible design criteria, the XT coaxial loudspeakers meet the highest demands from both the fixed installation and rental production markets allowing them to be used for front-of-house, fill, or monitor applications.

The main advantages of coaxial technology include single point-source radiation combined with excellent phase response, total wavefront coherency at all frequencies, and axi-symmetrical directivity, which produces identical coverage patterns in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The coaxial design also provides LF/HF superimposed dispersion characteristics that are free from polar lobing effects, which are destructive in traditional horn and woofer combinations. The end result is natural studio monitor sound quality, which is ideal for both proximity monitoring use or perfectly matched for semi-reverberant environments.

The XT coaxial range features the latest generation of transducers and cutting-edge electro-acoustics engineering design. The end result is an outstanding sonic performance with an aural sensation of natural and transparent sound even at the highest listening levels. Setting up XT enclosures is quick and easy due to the unique integrated flying hardware system, which ensures precision, safety, and full compatibility with current rigging safety standards.

Its compact and wedge-shaped format makes the XT range equally suited to various sound reinforcement applications, such as front-of-house, floor monitor and distributed systems.

The XT range--including both the new 8XT and 12XT in addition to the pre-existing 115XT HiQ active reference floor monitor--has been designed for use with the LA4 amplified controller. Equipped with a wide range of presets across the entire XT range, the LA4 provides the sound engineer with total creative freedom for any conceivable application in theatre, club, concert hall, broadcast and multipurpose facility applications.

In addition to delivering highly pristine and powerful sound, the LA4 amplified controller offers a unique dual transducer protection system, a precise system drive engine, and remote EQ and tonal balancing features. A single LA4 can power and control four active enclosures, such as the 12XT or 115XT HiQ, or up to eight passive enclosures, namely the 8XT or 12XT in its passively configured mode. For more demanding low-end reinforcement, the SB118 subwoofer can be deployed as part of a three-way system.

As an added advantage for the sound designer, any XT configuration can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with L-ACOUSTICS' proprietary SOUNDVISION 3D simulation software. Simple or complex designs can be achieved quickly and intuitively using SOUNDVISION and then transferred into real world situations closely match the computer simulations. The XT software predictions are modeled on the preset parameters of the LA4 amplified controller.

Furthermore, the design of complex and sophisticated control systems is made possible on the LA4 by the integration of an Ethernet-based network capability, which allows for the simultaneous networking of up to 255 LA4 units. The LA NETWORK MANAGER software offers remote control and monitoring of the amplified controllers via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface.

The new 8XT and 12XT coaxial system, as well as the LA4 amplified controller, will be available in May.

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