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The L-ACOUSTICS KIVA system establishes a new reference in Line Source Array technology. Packaged in a sleek, fully integrated, ultra-compact design, KIVA is designed to meet the highest demands of audio professionals and deliver the ultimate performance level in its category. KIVA also fulfills the five WST® (Wavefront Sculpture Technology) criteria in line with the scientific concepts introduced by L-ACOUSTICS in 1992 and shared by the benchmark WST lineage of V-DOSC®, dV-DOSC, and KUDO™.

The L-ACOUSTICS KIVA system is highly appropriate for both the fixed installation and rental production markets. The main system components consist of the following:

  • KIVA full range element operating from 80 Hz to 20 kHz bandwidth
  • KILO complimentary low frequency extension element operating from 50 Hz to 100 Hz bandwidth
  • LA4 amplified controller
KIVA delivers a considerable number of improvements over the traditional sound reinforcement approach particularly with regard to the intelligibility and overall clarity of vocal material. Utilizing WST technology, KIVA allows for even coverage of extremely large acoustic environments where the number of elements (height of the array) constitutes the main factor in establishing the system throw, coverage pattern, and directivity control parameters.

The V-shaped coplanar transducer configuration of KIVA generates a fixed horizontal directivity of 100 degrees with symmetric pattern control across the projection axis, without any conflicts over the entire frequency range. The combination of coplanar symmetry and the DOSC waveguide in the HF region allows the system to fulfill the five WST criteria, thereby allowing the wavefront of a KIVA line source to be curved from 0 to 15 degrees for each element without breaking the inter-element acoustic coupling. The end result is pristine clarity, even coverage, precise directivity, and a unique nearfield proximity effect that delivers an incomparable listening experience to the audience.

Packaged in an exceptionally lightweight and compact enclosure that sports a virtually invisible captive rigging system, KIVA combines extremely quick setup and system integration with significant savings on storage and handling logistics. Due to its compact size (20.5" W x 6.9"/4" H/h x 14.1" D) and low weight (28.6 lbs.), KIVA easily complies with stringent rigging limitations in theatres, performing art centers, concert halls, convention centers, sport facilities, and TV/broadcast studios, with the added bonus of being highly visually discrete.

KIVA features two 6.5-inch drivers in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure and a HF 1.5-inch diaphragm compression driver coupled to a DOSC waveguide for HF reproduction. The passive crossover network uses second-order filters with built-in phase compensation.

The KIVA cabinet is made from a unique composite material with remarkable mechanical and acoustic properties very similar to Baltic birch plywood but with the added benefit of a high immunity to moisture.

KILO is the low frequency extension enclosure of the KIVA line source array system. Similarly featuring a modest size (20.5" W x 13.9"/11" H/h x 14.1" D) and weight (41.8 lbs.), the cabinet is equipped with a single 12-inch neodymium driver in a tuned dual-chamber bass-reflex enclosure.

The KILO enclosure generates an omni-directional coverage pattern. The addition of KILO elements within the line source array progressively polarizes coverage towards the front of the system as more elements are added, thereby increasing the directivity of the line both horizontally and vertically due to natural dipole effects.

A three-point rigging system is totally captive and integrated into both the KIVA and KILO cabinets. Engineered and die-cast in high-grade steel, it allows up to 20 KIVA elements or 12 KIVA and four KILO to be flown in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

The KIVA and KILO enclosures are controlled and amplified by the dedicated L-ACOUSTICS LA4 controller, which delivers an extremely advanced and precise system drive. A dedicated preset library exclusively designed for the LA4 platform optimizes system performance. A wide range of system configurations are available for the sound designer and system engineer allowing for a high level of creative freedom. Additional features include an intelligent two-way (real time and RMS) transducer protection circuit and a unique contour EQ interface allowing instant contouring of the line source array.

A single LA4 can drive up to eight KIVA cabinets in a full range preset configuration for vocals and light music material. Alternatively, an LA4 can drive six KIVA and two KILO for medium music applications, while for more demanding low-end reinforcement the SB118 subwoofer can be deployed as part of a three-way system.

KIVA configurations can be acoustically and mechanically modeled with the proprietary L-ACOUSTICS SOUNDVISION 3D simulation software. The KIVA software predictions realized in SOUNDVISION are modeled on the preset parameters of the LA4 amplified controller.

In addition to the above, L-ACOUSTICS' NETWORK MANAGER software offers remote control and monitoring of the amplified controllers via a user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface. The design of complex and sophisticated systems is made possible by the integration of an Ethernet-based network capability, which allows for the simultaneous networking of up to 255 LA4 units.

The KIVA and KILO enclosures will both be available in May, while the LA4 amplified controller will available in April.

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