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Korg USA is introducing two keyboards which establish a new benchmark for cost/performance in a professional-quality synthesizer: the Korg N1 & N5 Music Synthesizers. Both instruments utilize Korg's renowned AI2 synthesis, the same synthesis architecture used in more expensive Korg professional synthesizers.

The new Korg N1 & N5 Synthesizers offers an extensive 1,269 individual sound programs and 402 combinations and 39 drumkits built-in, all accessible via either the N1's 88 note weighted action keyboard or the N5's 61-note keyboard. Both instruments have pitch bend, velocity and aftertouch for added expression.

The Korg N5 features 12 MB of PCM ROM and contains an incredible selection of 528 multi samples and 286 drum samples, which cover the basic sounds of piano, organ and strings, as well as a wide range of unique synth sounds and sound effects. The N1 has 18MBs of PCM ROM, which includes all of the samples found the N5 Music Synthesizer. The additional 6 Mybytes provide 35 new waveforms, including a stunning new stereo piano sample, several new electric pianos, a second clavinet, organs as well as a vintage CP-80 type electronic piano. The N1 has a grand total of 563 multi-samples and 286 drum samples available.

Organizing and modifying sounds has never been easier. The user programming area allows for storing 100 sound programs and 100 combinations, providing an enormous total of 1,269 programs and 402 combinations. Both instruments also provide two completely independent stereo multi effect units with 48 types of effects, such as a new resonance filter, chorus, delay and rotary speaker. Polyphony is a generous 64 notes (in Single mode). In the versatile Performance mode, the front panel provides four knobs for dynamic, analog-style control in real-time: VDA Attack/ Release Times, VDF Cutoff, and Effect Dynamic Modulation. The user can also choose from twelve other parameters for assignment to these knobs, enabling control of a total of sixteen different parameters. Both instruments also include a modulation wheel.

The new Korg N1 and N5 have functionality to match their library of sounds. There are dedicated front panel switches for portamento, as well as to layer or split programs and combinations. An arpeggiator is also available (which can be synchronized with an external sequencer using MIDI Clock) with 20 preset patterns. These settings can be stored in internal memory as one of 32 "performances," enabling sound settings to be recalled instantly while the instrument is being played. Furthermore, the N1/N5 can control start/stop of the external sequencer by the EXT SEQ switch. The N1/ N5 features a 144 x 40-pixel full-graphic backlit LCD, where LFO waveforms, bar graphs, pan, level, keyboard diagrams, etc. are displayed visually, allowing for exceptionally easy sound editing. In the Performance mode, sixteen types of icons provide instant visual confirmation of the functions of the N1/N5's controller knobs. The N1/N5 also provides full GM support, and includes GS and XG compatible sound maps, allowing it to play back all types of commercially available MIDI file data. The PC interface connector lets the user conveniently connect the N1 or N5 to computers with just a single optional cable, a great convenience for song production using sequencer software or any other computer music applications. The N1 and N5 can both also function as a 32 channel multi-timbral tone generator.

The Korg N5 Music Synthesizer is available now and has a suggested list price of $1099.00

The Korg N1 Music Synthesizer will be available in March and has a suggested list price of $2099.00

GS is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.
XG is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation.

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