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The kaptivator is a new device that puts VJs and video artists in control of their creative vision.

A variety of video sources can be sampled and played back using the sixteen clip pads. Up to three sources can be processed by fifteen types of effects -- including mix, colorize, blur and invert. The interface allows real-time expression and control of the effects via the rotary knobs, slider and ribbon controller. Special video processes that are considered high-load in most compression formats -- such as playback speed adjustment, reverse and scratching -- can be executed quickly.

The Style function can instantly access a comprehensive set of parameters, including video signal routing, effects and controller combinations. The Motion Sequence function captures and plays back controller movements, and a Main Out Capture function (provisional name) lets you resample the final output. The kaptivator contains two built-in LCD monitors, making it easy to check the video images before and after mixing and processing. The screen shows the sixteen images stored in the clip pads, letting you instantly access the video clip you want to play. Taking full advantage of its dedicated hardware design, the kaptivator uses an original video format for fast response.

Sample any video input source, and play it back from the sixteen clip pads

The kaptivator can sample approximately 106 minutes of video, stored in up to 800 clips (maximum ten minutes per clip). You can use the sixteen clip pads to easily play these clips. You can specify the start/end points of these sampled video clips, and also create complex playback patterns. The sampled video clips are shown in the LCD monitor laid out in the same pattern as the clip pads, so it's easy to access the clip you want. The clip pad interface lets you play back video in a direct and intuitive manner that can be easily linked with music, delivering a revolutionary boost to your video performances.

Play, mix and process multiple video sources

Video clips from group A and B can be played back simultaneously and mixed as two video sources. Images can be mixed using any of thirty different transition types, ranging from basic transitions to complex patterns. You can create smoothly mixed video performances by selecting the transition types that are best for your situation. By mixing an additional external video input with these two internal sources, three-way mixing is possible. In addition to the composite video input, the kaptivator provides a DV port that lets you connect a DV camera or other digital video equipment. This is a great feature for intensive video performances, allowing pre-sampled video to be mixed with live video from a camera, while using the kaptivator's video mixing and effects. Both PAL and NTSC video signal formats are supported. The kaptivator even includes a simple conversion function so that you can play back video material recorded in either format.

Twin LCD monitors keep it all together

The kaptivator contains two LCD monitors that let you view the video before and after mixing and processing. You can preview a list of the video clips assigned to the pads, accurately monitor the playback status of the clips, or view the input sources. The kaptivator is ideal in cramped VJ booths where there's no room for additional monitors. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance, ensuring ideal monitoring that's not affected by the surroundings or location in which you're working.

kaptivator's unique Style function

The kaptivator contains fifteen "routings," covering everything from simple patterns to complex routings such as "apply an effect to a video clip from group A, mix it with a clip from group B, and then mix the result with an external video input." Fifteen effects such as coloring, blurring and inversion are also provided. Along with these routings and effects, a Style can also memorize playback synchronization settings such as mix patterns, BPM input and audio triggering, and controller assignments. Styles covering a wide range of situations and performance genres enable you to instantly execute complex and sophisticated video gestures. One hundred Style memories allow you to edit, save and recall your own Style setups.

Motion Sequence records and reproduces controller movements

The Motion Sequence function can record and reproduce your real-time control panel gestures such as switching between clips, operating the FX controls or moving the slider. This capability means that you can provide real-time control of the video output, without actually touching the kaptivator -- a great feature for extended VJ performances. Use the Motion Sequence function while you perform on other equipment to create even more sophisticated performances. You can record a total of 100 motion sequence patterns.

Highly musical video expression

The kaptivator's audio trigger input allows both audio level detection and auto BPM detection. You can use the dynamics (volume) or BPM of this audio input to create video expressions such as controlling the color or inverting the image in sync with the music. You can specify a Style to sync up with the detected BPM, so that the video playback speed will be adjusted according to the BPM setting of each clip. The Tap button allows you to enter your own BPM setting on the fly.

Resample with the Main Out Capture function

The Main Out Capture function lets you capture up to eight seconds of the main output video signal. This captured video can be reused as an input source, or you can process and resample this video material again if you wish.

Sample video clips from famous VJs and video artists are included

To get you started, the kaptivator contains numerous preset video clips created by leading VJs and video artists. These clips cover a wide range of genres.

kaptivator Specifications

  • Video sampling rate: 13.5MHz, 4:2:2, 8-bit
  • Memory: 40GB Hard Disk
  • Monitor Display: 2 x TFT LCD 2.5"
  • Power: DC12V(dedicated AC adapter)
  • Dimensions: 310 (W) x 249 (D) x 99 (H) mm / 12.2 (W) x 9.8 (D) x 3.0 (H)"
  • Weight: 2.7kg / 5.95 lbs.
  • Accessory: AC adapter

Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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