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Korg has chosen the Summer NAMM show to launch their new Trinity V3 Music Workstation DRS series of instruments which are available in three models: the 61-note Trinity V3, the 76-note Trinity V3 Pro and the 88-note weighted action Trinity V3 proX. These three instruments add six voices of the powerful 13 algorithm MOSS(TM) (Multi Oscillator Synthesis System) sound generator found on Korg's Z1 Synthesizer to the ACCESS(TM) (Advanced Control Synthesis System) sound generator found on the Trinity Music Workstation. The bridging of these two technologies enables the Trinity V3 to cover a wide range of synthesis methods, including PCM, analog, digital and physical modeling.

The ACCESS Sound Generator System - Critically Acclaimed PCM Sounds And More

The ACCESS sound generator system provides a massive 24Mbyte PCM ROM containing 375 different PCM multisamples and 258 drum samples recorded at a high-quality 48 kHz sampling rate. The 256 diverse programs encompass a wide range of instruments including pianos, guitars, organs, synths and drums. The multi-mode filter section provides high pass, low pass, band pass and band reject filters, plus resonance, allowing highly flexible filtering. The ACCESS effects section features up to eight simultaneous insert effects and two master effects. In addition to reverb and delay, the insertion effects provide a total of 100 powerful effects, including rotary speaker simulation and distortion/overdrive. The sound can then be processed through two master effects to create ambiance-type effects.

The MOSS Synthesis System - The Powerful Sound Generator From Korg's Z1 Synthesizer

The MOSS Synthesis System features 64 programs drawn from Korg's growing Z1 sound library, such as vintage analog timbres, time-variant timbral changes, with sync/ring/cross modulation and motion-type sounds. The MOSS sound generator consists of Voice, EG and LFO sections. The voice section contains two powerful oscillator blocks (OCS1/OCS2) which allows the user to combine up to two of 13 types of oscillator algorithms (resonance, organ mode, electric piano model, standard, ring modulation, VPM, brass model, reed model, plus more). The voice section also contains a filter block featuring two resonant, multi-mode filters. To this are added five EG and four MIDI-syncable LFO units which provide a rich variety of tonal and pitch changes for each voice. In addition, the Trinity V3 comes with a disk that contains 128 MOSS sounds, 64 initialized settings for the powerful MOSS engine, and a converted bank of the previous Solo-TRI sounds from the replaced Prophecy-based Solo Synth board.

The Trinity V3 - The Total Package With A Wide Range Of Options

The Trinity V3's internal memory also contains 256 "Combinations" which consist of up to eight timbres (eight sound programs) that can be combined using layers, splits, velocity layers and controller assignments for added expression. Sixty-four (64) of these have been revoiced to include a MOSS-TRI timbre for stunning results. An on-board 16-track sequencer is provided which features 192 PPQ resolution, a memory capacity of 80,000 notes and is compatible with Standard MIDI Files. All Trinity V3 series instruments feature a TouchView Graphical User Interface system that boast a large, high-resolution 320 X 240 dot touch screen display. This screen provides a clear view of all functions and parameters even in low-light situations. By simply touching the screen, the user has instant access to the Trinity's extensive parameter and feature set. For live performance, an Alternate Modulation System and Effects Dynamic Modulation allow the user to assign control sources such as ribbon controller, joystick, switches and foot controllers to many of the ACCESS and MOSS synth engine parameters.

The Trinity V3 has a wide-range of options available including: Flash Rom-8Mbytes of memory for loading in new waveforms (Korg, AKAI, .WAV & AIFF format supported) plus an additional 512 programs & 512 combinations; SCSI-adds a SCSI port for data storage allowing connection to a hard disk or removable media drive; Digital Output-for connection to ADAT(TM) lightpipe-compatible devices; Hard Disk Recorder-allowing recording of 4-tracks of real instruments or voice, synchronizes with built-in MIDI sequencer, supports analog or digital (S/PDIF format) recording. In addition, all existing Trinity Series Music Workstations can be upgraded to include the power of the Z1.

The Trinity V3 Music Workstation DRS instruments are available as of September 1998 and have suggested retail prices are as follows:

Trinity V3 $3550.00
Trinity V3 Pro $4350.00
Trinity V3 proX $5200.00
MOSS-TRI Option $ 700.00

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