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The next step in workstation evolution, KORG's new TRITON delivers the ultimate sonic arsenal with maximum expressive power and control. The TRITON series comes power-packed with KORG's new HI synthesis system for the ultimate in sonic creation. Plus, with a full-featured integrated sampler, enhanced performance features, a full-function sequencer, and many optional expansion boards, TRITON will be the most powerful tool ever in your keyboard arsenal.

KORG's new HI tone generator means genuinely original sound
The new HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system --- a further advance in the pursuit of expressive PCM sound that captures every nuance of the individual instrument. In addition, TRITON's full featured sampler lets you record your own samples or load in data from a number of formats to create truly original sounds.

838 different high-quality PCM sounds
TRITON's high-capacity 32 Mbyte PCM ROM contains 425 multisamples plus 413 drum samples. From the edgy sounds of dance/techno synth to the sound of real-world instruments, every type of sound you could ever need is at your fingertips.

Full-featured mono/stereo sampling functionality with 48 kHz 16 bit linear sampling lets you use up to 64 Mbytes of memory. The TRITON comes with 16 Mbytes of sample memory. By adding 72 pin SIMM modules(user-installable) you can expand the memory to a maximum of 64 Mbytes (two 32 Mbyte SIMM modules) for up to 11 minutes and 38 seconds of mono sampling. Stereo or mono AIFF files, Windows WAVE files, AKAI S1000/S3000 (Floppy and CD-ROM) and TRINITY format data can also be loaded into sample memory, giving you access to an even wider range of materials.

Sample data can be cut on the basis of BPM values or beats, making it easy to edit the desired locations of the waveform. The Rate Convert function converts the sampling frequency --- an easy way to create currently popular lo-fi sounds. This data can be played from the keyboard immediately after sampling, or you can use it to create a multisample that assigns multiple samples to different pitch ranges.

Filter and LFO sections let you freely modify the source sound
Use alternate modulation to create a multitude of further possibilities.For each oscillator, the TRITON series provides multiple filter types, including resonant, hi and low-pass , and two LFO's with an amazing 21 types of LFO waveform. LFO Frequency can be linked to the sequencer or arpeggiator using MIDI or TempoSync. You have the flexibility to create everything from realistic simulations to aggressively creative sounds. In addition, HI synthesis system lets you use an amazing 55 (29 types) alternate modulation. You can create sounds that have unique effects by using one of the 42 AMS(alternate modulation) sources to apply modulation. This lets you use the numerous controllers of the TRITON to control the sound to make it more expressive.

Flexible routing and high-quality effects
The effect section of TRITON's HI synthesis system consists of five stereo insertion effects, two master effects, one master EQ (stereo three-band EQ) and a mixer that controls the routing of these effects. The 102 newly developed high-quality effects include standard as well as unusual time-variant effects such as stereo random filter and ring modulator. An all-new vocoder effect can control internal sounds via the sampling input for totally cool results.

When using an effect that has an LFO, such as Stereo Wah/Auto Wah, or a delay-type effect such as L/C/R BPM Delay, a new BPM/MIDI lets you apply modulation that is synchronized to the tempo. Effect settings can be made independently for each program, combination, and song. In addition to the stereo Master outputs TRITONfeatures four individual outputs, and sounds can be freely assigned to them with any effect routings that you desire.

Indispensable programs from KORG's voicing technology
The TRITON contains a huge 512 Programs. Internal memory also contains 512 Combinations, each consisting of up to eight timbres (programs). From the latest synth sounds and sound-effects for dance music to realistic simulations, Combinations can be used to produce even richer sounds and performances.

In addition, 256 programs and 9 drum kits are provided for compatibility with the latest GM specification, GM Level 2.

New ways to express yourself
Dual arpeggiator and RPPR functions enhance your performance. To further expand your realtime performance possibilities, the TRITON series provides dual polyphonic arpeggiators. There is even a fixed-note mode to easily create drum rhythms in the arpeggiator! Approx.180 arpeggio patterns are provided, and you can create your own patterns with memory for up to a total of 232 patterns. Arpeggio patterns can be changed in realtime while you play, can be synchronized to MIDI clock for connections with external MIDI gear, or programmed to start in synchronization with the internal sequencer. RPPR function allows you to mix different phrases and grooves "on the fly," or play along while triggering different phrases for exciting live performance possibilities.

16-track sequencer with new, sophisticated recording functions
The TRITON series provides a 16-track sequencer with a gigantic over 100,000 note capacity so you have all the power you need to create the perfect sequence. Also TRITON's new Cue List, Song Templates, Track-independent loop playback functions and preset rhythm patterns, make music production speedier and easier than ever.

EXB-MOSS DSP Synthesizer Board
The TRITON series can be expanded by the installation of the ultimate DSP tone generator --- the 13 oscillator 6-voice MOSS (Multi-Oscillator Synthesis System) tone generator featured on the Z1. This lets you use all synthesis methods on a single instrument. When the MOSS tone generator is installed, 128 MOSS programs are added.



  • Sound Source: 6 voices, 2 oscillators (max.) + sub oscillator + noise generator
  • Oscillator Types: 13 (Standard, Ring Modulation, Cross Modulation, Oscillator Sync, VPM (Variable Phase Modulation), Comb filter oscillator, Resonance oscillator, Organ model, Electric piano model, Brass model, Reed model, Plucked string model, Bowed string model)
  • Programs: 128
  • Developed under license of physical modeling patents (listed in http://www.sondius-XG.com) owned by Stanford University, USA, and by Yamaha Corporation.

PCM expansion boards / Install a PCM expansion board for even more PCM data.
The internal PCM data and sampling data can be supplemented by adding up to 2 optional 16 Mbyte PCM data boards. Each set consists of a board containing high-quality PCM data and a 3.5" floppy disk containing 128 programs and 128 combinations that use this data.
EXB-PCM01 PCM Expansion Board - Pianos/Classic Keyboards
EXB-PCM02 PCM Expansion Board - Studio Essentials

EXB-SCSI SCSI Interface Board
SCSI interface lets you connect TRITON series to an external media (hard disk, removable media such as Jaz and ZIP ) or a CD-ROM drive . When this option is installed, you can save TRITON series data such as program/combination data, samples, sequence data, and global data to external media. Also you can load AKAI S1000/S3000 format sample & program files, KORG TRINITY-format sample files, AIFF & WAVE format sample files via CD ROM drive.


  • Sound Generation Method: HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system
  • Tone generator: HI synthesis system; 48 kHz sampling frequency, 32 Mbyte PCM ROM, 425 multisamples + 413 drum samples. Sampling; 16 bit, 48 kHz stereo/mono sampling, 16 Mbytes memory standard, expandable to 64 Mbytes.
  • Sound Source: 62 voices, 62 oscillators (single mode)/ 31 voices, 62 oscillators (double mode)
  • Effects: Stereo digital multi-effect system - 2 master effects (mono in, stereo out), 5 insert effects (stereo in / out), and 1 master EQ (stereo
    in / out) simultaneously.
  • Number of effects: 102 (insert effects/ 89 for master effects )
  • Program / Combination: 512 preset / 128 user programs, 512 combinations, 16 preset /48 user drum kits, GM Level 2 - 256 programs + 9 drum kits (ROM)
  • Sequencer Section: 16 timbres, 16 tracks, 1/192 resolutions, 100 preset( approx.) / 100 user patterns per song, 200 songs, 20 cues, over
    100,000 notes, reads and writes Standard MIDI File (Format 0 and 1)
  • RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play / Recording):100 user patterns per song and approx.100 preset patterns.
  • Arpeggiator: 232 patterns (approx. 180 preset)
  • Controllers: Joystick, Ribbon controller, 2 x Assignable switches, 4 x Assignable knobs, 3 x Arpeggiator control knobs
  • Control Inputs: Damper pedal (Responds to half-pedaling), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL), PC interface (TO HOST)
  • Outputs: Main = L/MONO,R, Individual = 1, 2, 3, 4, Headphones
  • Inputs: 1, 2, Level switch LINE / MIC, Level volume
  • Floppy Disk Drive: 3.5 inch 2DD/2HD
  • Display: TouchView Graphical User Interface, 320 x 240 dots
  • Power Consumption: 26 W
  • Accessories: AC cord, Preload data disks TNFD-00P, TNFD-01P
    (*Sound processed with INFINITY)

TRITON Series Options

  • Expansion Boards
    • EXB-PCM01 PCM Expansion Board - Pianos/Classic Keyboards
    • EXB-PCM02 PCM Expansion Board - Studio Essentials
    • EXB-MOSS DSP Synthesizer Board
    • EXB-SCSI SCSI Interface Board
  • XVP-10 EXP / VOL Pedal
  • EXP-2 Foot Controller
  • DS-1H Damper Pedal
  • PS-1 Pedal Switch
  • AG001B MIDI Driver software and computer interface cable for IBM PC compatible.
  • AG002B MIDI Driver software and computer interface cable for Macintosh (for models a serial port is equipped)

*Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.
*IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
*Other trademarks and corporate names are the registered trademarks and trademarks of their respective holders.
* Specifications and features are subject to change without notice.

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