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The most recent additions to Dream Cymbals and Gongs are the new 24" flat rides in the Bliss and Contact lines. While both of these new cymbals, like all Dream cymbals and gongs, are still produced by hand by the master craftsmen of Wuhan and based on thousands of years of metal working tradition, they add exciting new colours of sound to the pallets already offered in the Bliss and Contact models.

Despite having a flat but slightly flanged profile and a bell that is only half the size of already existing rides, they manage to stay true to the respective personalities of the existing Bliss and Contact lines.

The 24" flat ride Bliss, with the same micro lathing as other Bliss, offers an extremely warm and rich sound with a full and well balanced spectrum of overtones. One of the most beautiful aspects of this cymbal is that although it feels soft and responsive to the stick it maintains its full bodied sound at all dynamic levels, even when the edges start to wobble. When struck with the shaft of the stick on the edge it makes for a quick speaking crash that also manages to decay rapidly.

Comparatively, the 24" flat ride Contact, being slightly heavier and with deeper grooves in the lathing, produces a higher pitched, brighter sound than the Bliss without sacrificing the well balanced spectrum of overtones. The result is a smooth, crystal sound with a gentle wash that always stays out of the way of the sound of the stick. Both the 24" flat ride Bliss and Contact are hammered over the entire upper surface after lathing to give more prominence to the attack of the stick while providing a gorgeously vintage appearance.

The end result are two superior quality cymbals that possess all the clarity of the stick stoke seen in other flat rides while retaining the lively responsiveness of a regular contoured ride and accounts for their popularity among jazz players.

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