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In an industry that charges for every major software update developer, Idolumic is offering free updates for the life of the user's computer. Idolumic's product, Rhyme Genie, a rhyming dictionary which features over 300,000 entries and finds 30 different rhyme types, has just seen its third major free update in less than a year. "Our software can be unlocked with an activation code that is linked to a specific computer," explains Peter Wier, Idolumic's founder. "This code never expires, which means that you are able to use it on all future updates free of charge. Should you desire to use our software on a different computer, you can purchase additional activation codes for a small fee." Since the life span of a modern computer far outpaces version updates of software products this new approach offers more value to the software end user. Case in point is Rhyme Genie's latest installment. Despite the small change in version number from 1.2 to 1.3, users now benefit from a redesigned interface, a new wordfilter with over 100,000 parts of speech, 4000 additions to the rhyming dictionary and an extensive index for all abbreviations used in the integrated Webster's dictionary. Since its initial release Rhyme Genie garnered attention by introducing a unique intelligent rhyme algorithm that makes it easy for any user to find a wealth of near rhymes by simply decreasing the similarity in sound. It is the only rhyming dictionary to support advanced rhyme types used by professional songwriters, such as the family rhyme and the additive rhyme. Free trials are available for Mac or PC at http://www.rhymegenie.com/. The first activation code for the downloadable version is priced at $24.95. Subsequent activation codes for additional computers can be purchased for $7.95 each. The release date of Rhyme Genie 1.3 is Jan. 11, 2010.
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