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11 Amp models. 18 effects. Even an onboard rhythm machine, something no other modeling amp has. What more could you want in a guitar amp? Well, you could want less. Something that costs less money and that's just what Ibanez is delivering at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville: Less money as in just $266.65, which makes the new MIMX30 the most affordable modeling amp in its class.

For the uninitiated, "modeling" amps customarily replicate a number of popular "classic" amps (hence the Ibanez MIMX name, pronounced "mimics," get it?). The more amps modeled, the more versatility. The new Ibanez MIMX30 puts 11 amp models with various combinations of effects in a 30 watt version, the most popular package in the highly competitive modeling amp market. This isn't just price driven &mdash smaller amps like the MIMX30 are the best choice for home recording where something like the 150 watt Ibanez MIMX monster would be serious overkill and might strain relations with the neighbors.

The MIMX 30 can operate like a standard amp with rotary pots in the "manual" mode and can also be controlled with an optional IFS2M footswitch (list price $39.99).

As with all MIMX amps, the MIMX30 features 10 amp models: Rock, Hard Rock, Guitar God, 90s Brit, LA Heavy, US Blues, 70s Brit, Jazz Combo, 60s Clean — all of which mimics classic amps — plus an 11th, the "Psycho" model, an original Ibanez Metal setting featuring Ibanez distortion. Please note: while MIMX amps are designed to handle virtually any gig in any genre, they were clearly created with the metalhead in mind.

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