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Hot Wires Cables expands its In-Line Audio™ Series with the introduction of the DB500 Passive Direct Box. The DB500 is an affordable sonically accurate DI designed to transform any high-impedance signal into a low-impedance signal suitable for long cable runs or direct connection to a mixing console. The DB500 is intended for the recording or reinforcement of bass guitars, keyboards, DJ mixers, acoustic guitars, or any equipment that does not feature an XLR output, or any situation in which a direct audio connection is preferable to using a live microphone. The DB500 is a passive design that does not require batteries or phantom power to operate. It utilizes a high quality transformer to match impedance between Hi-Z 1/4" and Low-Z XLR connections. Two parallel 1/4" jacks act as inputs/direct pass thrus, allowing the DB500 to be inserted into an audio chain without affecting the signal, yet still sending audio to the transformer for balancing. The balanced low-impedance signal is output through the single XLRM connector, from which it is typically sent to a stage snake box such as the In-Line Audio™ SNK164100, and then out to a mixing console or recorder. The DB500 also features a clearly marked ground lift switch. The switch breaks the ground on XLR pin 1, often solving ground-loop hums and noise problems. With its all-metal construction, the DB500 is rugged enough for the road and is covered by a 2-year limited warranty. A must have for bass players, keyboardists, DJ's, and sound engineers, the DB500 lists for $49.99.
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