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Hoag Instruments has announced that the MIDI package, previously available only on the K-MAX MIDI Guitar, is now available for other Hoag guitars and basses.

Customers may choose from the past and current body styles upon ordering the MIDI Package. Bass body styles include 4- and 5-string models. All MIDI Packages will be factory installed and tested.

The MIDI Package is an analog divided pickup system, specially designed for the 13-pin MIDI guitar interface. Advances in the interface market have established a need for a faster and more-sensitive pickup, such as the Hoag Optical Pickup.

Hoag optical pickups have better tracking for MIDI guitars and string basses. These pickups have extended audio range and are very fast, reacting in microseconds. Also, the lower frequencies are not lost. Hoag optical pickups are sensitive to frequencies from a few hertz to well above human hearing. Many string compositions may be used such as nylon, gut, bronze and steel. Hoag optical pickups are designed to be sensitive to different string types and deliver the nuances of each kind.

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