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Representing a true breakthrough in professional digital recording technology, Roland's new VS-1680 24-Bit Digital Studio Workstation is an amazing 16-track random-access digital audio recording, mixing, editing and effects processing system with superb 24-bit audio resolution in a compact table-top workstation.

Building on the same technology that has made Roland's VS-880 the best-selling hard disk recorder in history, the VS-1680 brings users a powerful, integrated hard-disk based digital recording studio with: 16-track playback; 8-track simultaneous recording; a 26-channel fully automated digital mixer; 256 "Virtual" tracks for recording multiple ideas and arrangements; totally non-destructive digital audio editing (cut, copy, exchange, move, etc.); powerful automated digital mixing including effects and EQ; optional CD recording capability; and two optional multi-effects boards offering four independent stereo effects processors, including innovative effects like Voice Transformer, Mic Simulator and COSM-based guitar preamp with Speaker Simulator.

The VS-1680 further distinguishes itself with an extremely intuitive interface featuring a huge 320 x 240 dot LCD, and the new MT-Pro recording mode: a 16-track, 48kHz audio recording mode which boasts 256 Virtual tracks and a sound quality which far surpasses that of standard 16-bit linear recording. These features make the 1680 ideal not only for serious musicians and production studios, but for any audio professional looking for 16 tracks of random-access, high-quality digital audio recording and mixing in a compact, easy-to-use workstation.

Pristine Sound and Professional Specs

The true test of any digital recording device is its sound quality. To this end, the VS-1680 offers a 24-bit MT-Pro recording mode, superb 20 bit D/A, A/D converters and massive audio editing power. Up to eight tracks of linear audio can be recorded simultaneously, and recording time on the internal 2.1GB hard drive is always dynamically allocated (maximized between all tracks).

To further maximize recording time, users can choose from one of six recording modes: Master, MT-Pro, MT 1, MT 2, LV 1 and LV 2. These modes offer between 404 and 1616 total track minutes of recording time at 44.1kHz using the internal hard drive. The enhanced 24-bit MT-Pro recording mode, for example, offers an impressive 808 total track minutes of 16-track audio recording and playback at 44.1kHz. And because MT-Pro mode captures the full dynamic range of 24-bit audio, its sound quality, dynamic range and headroom is notably better than industry-standard 16-bit linear digital recording.

Like the VS-880, the VS-1680 allows users to burn audio CD's directly from its SCSI port using an optional compatible CD-R drive, the VS-CDR-16. This provides a convenient, inexpensive media for backup, mastering or simply for assessing a particular mix on any standard audio CD player. (VS-1680 and VS-CDR-16 drive are also available together as VS-1680CDR package.)

Massive Editing Power

With the VS-1680's hard disk-based recording, editing, mixing and processing, users can perform cut-and-paste style audio editing down to the waveform level. And 256 "Virtual" tracks let users record alternate guitar solos, vocal takes, string arrangements and other ideas without losing the original tracks. These tracks can be used or comp'd together at any time prior to mixdown.

Elegant Graphic User Interface

The VS-1680's huge backlit 320 x 240 dot graphic LCD simultaneously displays level meters, play lists, EQ and effects settings, waveform editing and more. Knob-style icons and graphic EQ curves allow for intuitive tweaking of levels and parameters, while a built-in "EZ Routing" function allows users to create, name and save comprehensive recording, track bouncing or mix-down configurations. These settings, or templates, include all signal routing, effects settings and EQ adjustments-ready for instant recall at the press of a button.

8 Channels of Studio-Quality Effects

The VS-1680 will accept two independent VS8F-2 24-Bit Effects Expansion Boards, giving users 4 independent stereo multi-effects processors-or up to 8 mono channels of independent dynamics and effects! Thirty-four multi-effects algorithms include everything from lush Roland reverb, delay, and chorus effects to innovative voice transformer and lo-fi effects to COSM-based microphone and guitar amp simulation. With the VS8F-2, all signal processing remains in the 24-bit digital domain, ensuring uncompromised audio quality and allowing for professional effects automation.

Mixing Flexibility

The VS-1680's intelligently designed interface lets users quickly and easily route signals, mix and bounce tracks. This is accomplished through dedicated backlit input, track and channel buttons that simply require a user to hold the desired input and/or track button(s) while pressing a destination channel button. LED colors signify when a particular source will be bounced or routed, making complex audio routing very easy.

The VS-1680's 10-input/12-output, 26-channel automated digital mixer section lets users apply 26 channels of two-band parametric or 16 channels of three-band parametric EQ, ensuring that every signal can be tweaked to sit nicely in the mix. Building on the support for the extremely successful VS-880, the VS-1680 will also be OMF compatible using AirWorks(tm) V/Slink software.

Connections to the VS-1680 include: 10 audio inputs - 2 balanced XLR-type inputs w/ phantom power, 6 balanced 1/4" inputs, and 1 stereo digital input (optical/coaxial); 12 audio outputs - 8 RCA-type outputs (Master L/R, Aux.A L/R, Aux.B L/R, Monitor L/R), and 2 stereo digital outputs (optical and coaxial), plus a phones output; a SCSI interface and MIDI In and Out/Thru ports.

With its unprecedented features and amazing ease of use, the VS-1680 offers a level of convenient, comprehensive recording power that stands alone in today's professional recording market.

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electronic musical instruments, professional audio equipment, multimedia products and music accessories.

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