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The Music People, Inc! has been distributing machine heads and strap-locks for 30 years. Observing the evolution of strap lock design and responding to the preferences of our customers has given us the knowledge and the background needed to design and manufacture new and unique products in this category. TMP is the maker of the On-Stage Stands brand, and our position as the largest volume seller of stand products in America allows us to develop designs that perform better. Like most companies in the Music Industry, we have an excitement and passion for what we design, manufacture, and sell.

TMP is a family-owned business, founded by Jim Hennessey. With a name like Hennessey, and an industry of brands that reads like a NYC telephone book, it was time to have the family name on products that we are especially proud of, hence HENNESSEY GUITAR PARTS.

The XTRA-SECURE Guitar Strap Locks, the first entry to the new Hennessey Guitar Parts line, are designed to provide easy removal and secure connection every time. With these new locks, players can express their showmanship and energy on stage, confident that their straps will always remain securely attached to their guitars.

Superior Function and Design:
Employing the Hennessey's signature Compress and Release Action System(TM), a thumb and two fingers are required to release the lock from the guitar button, but the precise tolerances make this a smooth process. The locking device is made up of (5) 3mm diameter ball-bearings inserted into a center hub. Positioned 72 degrees apart, these bearings apply even pressure on the custom locking button attached to the guitar. The button is attached with a 1" long, hardened-steel number 2 Philip-head wood screw. This uncommonly strong screw ensures that the button is securely fastened to the guitar and will not fail during even the most vigorous performances. A felt washer cushions the contact point between the button and guitar finish.

The heart of the lock is its spring-loaded retaining-ring. The ring is held firmly over the top of the ball bearings until it is pulled back. This releases the bearings and disengages the strap lock, making for a simple but safe mechanism.

Two Series. One Design.
The new NSL7300 Metallic series Guitar Strap Locks are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making them light yet strong. They feature an anodized finish in bright beautiful colors to match any guitar or accent any color scheme. The locks are available in anodized Black, Gun Metal, Purple, Silver, Blue and Red. The anodized finish is uniquely thin, allowing for tighter tolerances and making it ideal for mating metal parts that must be secure yet easily disconnected.

Hennessey strap locks are also available in brass versions, designated as the NSL7200 series. They share the same design features as the NSL7300's, but the brass construction allows for Chrome, Gold, and Black plating, thus matching the hardware of most production instruments. All models within the NSL7200 series and the NSL7300 series are packaged and sold in pairs. List Price starts at $30.99 a pair for the brass strap locks and $33.99 for the Metallics.

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