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The Verbrovibe-Amp is the world's first exact replica of the 1963 Brown Vibroverb®. The original was only built for a little over a year and was the first Fender® amp designed that had the reverb effect built into the circuit. The price range for good vintage examples has soared in the past few years making it affordable only to collectors with a large wallet.

Now Headstrong has captured the timeless look, feel and tone of this prized amp and is offering it to the public at an affordable price. No time or expense has been spared in the recreation of this model. Heyboer transformers have been custom made using original data sheets. Speakers have been custom built to closely match the tone of the original Oxford's.

Features include 35 watts of tube tone through 2-10" ceramic speakers, tube driven spring reverb and bias vary tremolo, solid pine finger jointed cabs, period correct tolex and grill cloth, solid steel chassis and an external bias pot. We even kept true to the original design by using the tapped treble control as found on all Brown Era amps.

The bias pot is the only feature Headstrong has added to the original design. Tubes are as follows: 1-JJ 5AR4 rectifier, 2-TAD 6L6WGC power tubes, and 6-EH 12AX7 Pre-amp tubes.

2 channels (normal and bright) 2 inputs per channel Hi(1) and Lo(2). Normal channel controls: Volume, Treble, Bass. Bright channel controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb. Tremolo speed and intensity controls work for both channels.

All the great tone and touch sensitivity that is found on the original amp.

2X10 Combo: $2800.00
Specs: 19"X24"X9.5" 44lbs.

1X12 Combo: $2700.00
Specs: 19"X24"X9.5" 41lbs.

2X12 Combo: $2850.00
Specs: 25"X24"X9.5" 45 lbs.

1X15 Combo: $2750.00
Specs: 20"X24"X10" 47lbs.

Head: $2600.00
Specs: 10.5"X24"X9.5" 30 lbs.

Add $50 for ea. AlNiCo speaker
Add $25 for Custom Colors The Vibroverb® name is a Registered Trademark of Fender® Musical Instrument Corp. Headstrong Amplifiers is not affiliated with FMIC.

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