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Headbone TS
(Click for a close-up)

Radial Engineering announced a new addition to the Tonebone lineup, the Headbone TS, a guitar amplifier head switcher that allows two heads to connect to a single speaker cabinet. This allows the guitarist to select one head for rhythm and the second for soloing, thus delivering the ultimate tone on stage.

According to Radial President Peter Janis: "When we released the Headbone VT for valve tube heads and the Headbone SS for solid state heads, it was not long that we received call from guitarists wishing to switch between 'old world' tube amps like a Marshall JCM800 to 'new world' digital modeling solid state amps as offered by Line 6 and others. The challenge is that tube amps and solid-state amps are completely different in how the handle grounding issues and react very differently to muting when set to idle. With the experience we gained developing the first two Headbones, we were able to come up with a scheme that would allow us to transition between the two 'worlds' and present a working solution. One could say that it was a natural evolution.

"It is important to note that although the Headbone TS looks like a simple switching device, internally many actions are required to safely transition from one amp to the other without causing a hiccup. In fact, depressing the footswitch actually sets a programmable chip in motion that controls the guitar input signals via photocells, turns relays on and off, which then connects the speaker or internal load resistor to the heads. For the guitarist... it just looks like a switch."

The Radial Headbone TS features choice of buffered or un-buffered inputs and employs 100% discreet components to make up the Class-A audio circuit path. This assures the most natural and transparent sound is achieved.

As there are numerous connections required going to and from the two heads, the Headbone may be remotely controlled from a pedalboard using Radial's Slingshot remote control system. Slingshot employs a standard 1/4" guitar cable and the same switching used on most guitar amplifiers whereby a simple latching foot switch can be used to toggle between heads. This allows other Slingshot equipped devices such as the Radial Loopbone or MIDI controllers with contact closure outputs to change the amp status efficiently.

As a safety measure, the Headbone TS is equipped with SafeMode, a default setting that reverts the system to amp-1 connected to the speaker and amp-2 on standby should power to the Headbone ever be disengaged. As with all radial Tonebone pedals, the Headbone is made with 14-guage steel for maximum durability and is powered by a 15VDC supply that is included. Retail price is $300USD.

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