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The Haywire Stratotelia design combines some of the best elements of a Stratocaster® and a Telecaster®. One key feature unique to this particular guitar design is the ability to accommodate either a 25-1/2" (Fender®) or a 24-3/4" (Gibson®) scale neck with no body or neck modifications. You choose any available headstock design you want.  No more running to change guitars during a live performance when you have this Haywire Custom Guitars-guitar design. With the flip of your 5 way switch and a Tele® pickup in the bridge it can sound like a Strat® or a Tele®!


The solid six-saddle Tele® bridge creates lots of sustain and allows for precise intonation verses the standard 3-saddle Tele® bridge. Sustain is further enhanced by way of its string through body design. Stainless steel frets offered for ultra long life and silky smooth bends.


This guitar design is especially useful for players in who play live venues and music that requires the two distinct guitar sounds of the Strat and the Tele. Their universal problem was simply this: There is no time to change guitars in between songs during a live performance. They asked, "Can you help us"?  The answer is YES!  The problem was actually solved many years ago at the Haywire Custom Shop in California-and here's the solution now-for you too!  Have either Country or Rock sounds with the flip of a switch!


The Stratotelia Design is available with either alnico or EMG active pickups.  The active EMG pickups are noiseless, internally grounded and each pick up has it's own pre-amp to boost the signal before reaching the amp producing even more sustain.  The pickups are wired to a five-way switch with an optional tone control wired to the Tele® bridge pickup.  This design is not available on any other American Stratocaster® by any manufacturer at this time. We’re building satisfied Players…one Haywire Guitar at a time”.


Haywire Stratotelia Designed Strat Customization features:


    Unique pickup configuration- Strat® / Tele® pickup combination

    Choice of 25-1/2″ (Fender) or 24-3/4″ (Gibson) scale lengths

    Choice of necks-Exotic woods available

    Choice of alnico or active EMG pickups

    Choice of headstock

    Custom widths, contours and radius choice available

    World Wide shipping

    Hard tail Design Customization

    Stainless steel frets offered for ultra long life

    Hard shell case included

    Choice of Fender® or Gibson® scale    

    Choice of Headstock

    Free world wide shipping

    $1750.00 base price

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