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ChordMate makes it easy to find the best way to play guitar chords and helps you create beautiful chord charts. The ChordMate search engine supports all common guitar chords, quite a few uncommon Jazz chords, and even allows you to create your own custom chord diagrams. Windows features include: 1). Advanced Filtering. ChordMate not only lists and sorts chord voicings, but also lets you filter them based on your needs. Best new filter rule: you can now specify the bass or top note to ensure your chord progression follows the melody line.
2). Export Diagrams. You can export ChordMate diagrams directly into your favorite editor such as WordPad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. You can even email diagrams using Outlook. You can create beautiful chord charts in minutes!
3). Customize Your Guitar. Do you use a tuning other than EADGBE? Do you like to use a capo? Do you want to hear how a chord sounds on the banjo? No problem! You can customize ChordMate settings to match your guitar.
You can download a free trial version of ChordMate from the Harmonic Sense website. The trial period lasts 14 days. ChordMate for Windows sells for $25.00. ChordMate for Mac sells for $20.00 (Express version) and $40.00 (Pro version). Supported operating systems: Max OS X, Leopard, Windows XP, Windows Vista.
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