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For over 77 years, the “King” of instruments has been the mighty Hammond
Organ(particularly the “B-3” model), whose sound can be heard in every genre of
music, every concert hall, every concert stage and most churches. And, for over 77
years, the Hammond Organ has been the largest and heaviest piece of musical
equipment one has ever had to move.

Now comes the HAMMOND SK1, which packs all of the power, all of the versatility, all
of the tradition, and all of the soul into a trim 15-pound package. Hammond hasn’t
stopped there. Along with the classic sound the world has come to know and love,
Hammond has included a wide series of other voices, like Acoustic and Electric
Pianos, Clav, Vintage Combo Organs, Vintage String Synthesizer, Accordions, Pipe
Organ, and many others.

The SK1 isn’t a watered-down “light” or “clone” version of a Hammond, either. All
the classic features that “make” a Hammond are included. Real Mechanical Drawbars,
“Waterfall” Keyboard, Touch Response Percussion, Chorus Vibrato, and a
new-generation Digital Leslie™ that gives the big speaker a run for the money. Your
eyes see “portable” but your ears hear, and your touch says: “B-3”.

Modern keyboard players want to be as mobile as their guitar-playing pals, who carry
their axe in one hand and their amp in another; so the market has seen the advent of
“all-in-one” keyboards that provide the basic sounds required in all styles of
music. Accordingly, the SK1, in addition to its superb Hammond tone, adds authentic
Acoustic Piano, “Rho”, “Wurl”, and “FM” Electric Pianos, and funky Clav tones.
Besides the Hammond, there are two other types of vintage combo organs (“Farf” and
“Vx”) that remain pop music faves. Built in Italy and England, respectively, they
were featured in many top hits and are recreated here, with their distinctive
controls duplicated-you can register these organs as you were able to on the

The Accordion has made a big comeback, and the SK1 has the most comprehensive
selection of Accordion voices of any modern keyboard. Rounding out the voice palette
are a variety of wind instruments, synth tones (including an accurate vintage string
synthesizer), and melodic percussion. You can play all of the Extra Voices “solo” or
in combination with the Hammond Drawbar Voices. The Voice Library may be expanded by
downloading voices from the Hammond website and installing them via the onboard USB

The SK1 isn’t only for pop music. There are a number of Classical Pipe Organ Stops
onboard of stunning accuracy. The SK1 makes a fine “Portative” organ perfect for
Remote Worship Services, Chapel Duty, or vocal/instrumental recital accompaniment.

For more advanced players, the SK1 is offered in a compact, double-manual version
called the SK2, with identical specifications. The SK2 weighs in at a petite 35

Map prices are: $1999 for the SK1 and $2895 for the SK2. Both models will ship in
mid-June 2011.

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