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The loudest cymbals on earth? Hammerax announced expansion of its Whipcrash® brand to 4 surprisingly loud crash sizes – 18", 21", 24", and 24" Ultra ‐ and are All MADE IN USA. Hammerax announced it will be revealing key info about it's hammering, including the average number of times a Whipcrash 24" cymbal has been hammered. The announcement will be made via electronic press, and live via webcast from the Cymbal Summit on May 7th 2010. Hammerax has installed a hammer and metal tempering system, which has resulted in increased flexibility and richer tone, also allowing cymbals to be hammered thousands of times without the usual problems of crack risk or deadening of sound. Hammerax also recently expanded the Whipcrash line. Whipcrash cymbals feature arrays of microcups to allow raking and one-handed rolls. Most loud cymbals focus in one range – usually highs. Whipcrash are among the loudest cymbals ever made- the 24" Ultra has been measured at 119 db. The 21" comes in at 117 to 118 db. The Whipcrash brand spreads sound over a wider range to create shimmering color, and increase perceived loudness even more. The 24" Whipcrash Ultra has 36 microcups and thousands of hammer dents¿¿¿but just how many dents? That is the question. 4 year Limited Warranty. Patents Pending.
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