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MONTCLAIR, NJ (February 7, 2012)—Hal Leonard’s best-selling book and DVD  series MusicPro Guides brings together the most experienced authors in  the music industry to give established and aspiring music professionals  quality instruction that yields professional results. Last fall, Hal Leonard re-launched its MusicPro Guides YouTube  channel (youtube.com/musicproguides), which streams the high-quality  audio-visual media that accompanies its books or actual excerpts from  its DVDs. It’s been a huge success, reaching thousands of subscribers and reaching 1.5 million views.

And now, MusicPro Guides goes mobile. Hal Leonard has released its first  two free MusicPro Guides iPhone apps featuring cornerstone authors  Bobby Owsinski and Moses Avalon, with an app from Bill Gibson, author of  the highly successful Hal Leonard Recording Method, to follow soon.

“We are releasing these apps as part of our commitment to have MusicPro  Guides available in every form that musicians use,” says John Cerullo,  publisher for Hal Leonard Books. Watch for more MusicPro Guides apps in  the near future.  

Bobby Owsinski’s Delay Genie

In less than one second, Delay Genie calculates to the millisecond the  exact amount of delay for any live venue setup and/or any recorded  musical setup. The “Studio” tab replaces the delay chart in many  recording studios that shows delay times for drums and vocals. Tap your BPM or enter it manually, and the app displays 1/4,  1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64 note time increments, plus their respective  triplet and dotted note companions. Just set your effects box to the  number displayed on the app. The “Live” tab saves live mixing engineers the agonizing math required to suss out a concert  venue. Enter room measurements, and the app displays delay time between  the stage and speaker cabinets. It also accounts for differences in  temperature that can affect live delay times.

Bobby Owsinksi, creator of the app, says, "I wanted to design an app  that I would use myself. Setting delay times, especially triplets and  dotted notes, is vitally important to the mixing process, and the Delay  Genie helps a mixer do this job very easily. What's more, the price is right (free)!"

Bobby Owsinski is a music producer/engineer and best-selling author of  over a dozen books including the new second edition of Music 3.0: A  Survival Guide for Making Music in the Internet Age (Hal Leonard Books).   

Moses Avalon’s MyRecord Deal

MyRecord Deal is a mobile app version of the MARC (Moses Avalon Royalty  Calculator), which music business professionals and educators have been  using for over a decade. It calculates the profits and losses generated  by virtually any US record deal, offering information on how much musicians actually make on record sales and the  actual “penny rate” of each single or album. It’s a tool for both  serious music professionals looking to budget a production and for  anyone curious about how much a hit song is actually worth.

MyRecord Deal also comes with an in-app help book that explains record  label accounting procedures, how labels calculate royalties, and how to  negotiate effectively with a label to get the best deal for the artist.

"This app will do two things:  For those signed or signing to a label  deal, it will give you transparency both in money owed and how to  negotiate a better deal,” Moses Avalon, creator of the app,  explains. “For those doing the DIY thing, it will allow you to accurately budget your recording and touring so that you don't  overspend.  For many, an App like this is nothing short of a truly  liberating experience."

Moses Avalon is a top music business consultant, artists’ rights  advocate, and best-selling author of music business texts such as  Confessions of a Record Producer and 100 Answers to 50 Questions on the  Music Business.

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