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DiGiCo’s US  distributor offers limited-time trade up program for any large-format  analog or digital desk with credit towards the purchase of an SD5  Package, offering both a financial incentive and technological  upgrade

With the launch of the new SD5 console earlier this year, DiGiCo  U.S. distributor, Group One Limited, initiated a limited-time trade up  program within the United States to get the new system into as many  hands and inventories as possible. The premise of  the program is that Group One will take back any make or model  large-format analog or digital desk with a credit towards the purchase  of a new SD5. The trade up program not only offers a financial benefit,  but is also an easy way to stay on the leading edge  of technology and upgrade to current technology. The advantages, in  particular for a black box theatre or house of worship, is that it would  allow them to put in a request for funding and once approved, the venue  could swap out the old for the new seamlessly  without any downtime, or having to worry about hassling with resale.  Several large production companies took immediate advantage of the offer  including Alford Media, Clearwing Productions, Hi-Tec Audio, and Beach  Sound.

Alford Media Services is a nationally recognized event technology  support company providing audio, video, lighting and show coordination  services for a wide range of clientele from corporate to concerts  worldwide. With two of each D1s and D5s in service since  2003, they took advantage of trading up  the two D5s for two SD5s with  an additional purchase of two 56x32 SD-racks, as well as a pair each of  SD9's and SD11's and six DRacks. “For our needs, the SD5's offer the  advanced feature sets that our engineers need  and tour riders request but don't cost what the SD7 does,” says John  Caswell, Manager of Audio Services. “Upon taking delivery, we did a week  in Dallas for Ambit Energy, followed by another event for Sam's Club in  Kansas City and one of our SD5's was at FOH  for  both events. That same console was also used at the California  Women's Conference in Long Beach.”

Clearwing Productions, a key resource for audio, video, and  lighting, traded up a Soundcraft digital console for an SD5 and also  purchased an additional SD9 for its inventory. “We went for one of each  for versatility,” explains president Gregg Brunclik,  “and planning ahead, the next purchase will be another one of each as  we usually buy  pairs of each desk. We had an upcoming tour (Bob Dylan)  that was interested in using the SD5 so the timing seemed right. We like  to make cutting-edge purchases that position  us as a primary resource and with the pending tour that ended up taking  the SD5 there was instant ROI. We’ve found great success being early  adopters with L-Acoustics (we were one of the first five US companies to  adopt the K1) and Vari-Lite, and we rolled  the same dice on the SD5. DiGiCo's pioneering new technology sets the  bar that other manufacturers must meet. Similar to L-Acoustics  pioneering the line array (and since- it's improvements) you are the  barometer by which all others get judged. We've come to  find that we realize much greater ROI's on products when we are very  early to adopt. It’s a gamble, but when we're right it really pays off.  So far, so good on the SD5.”
Industry mainstay Hi-Tec Audio saw the success with the D5 and took  advantage of the program to buy into DiGiCo’s newest technology by  trading up six of their D5 inventory for the new SD5s. “For us, this was  a no brainer,” mused owner Louis Adamo. “At Hi-Tec  we like to look forward and for that reason it was obvious for us to  move all our inventory into the new DiGiCo SD series—and we were an  early adopter of that technology. In fact, we bought one of the first  SD8s when it was introduced. Over the last year,  we’ve been adding SD racks and accessories like crazy and our inventory  is well over 24-25 SD racks, which is well over half-million dollars.  We have a few customers that have been loyal D5 customers and they’ll be  the first obvious ones to migrate to the  SD5s. It also serves to fill a niche between the SD10 and SD7. The SD5  offers the technical requirements of the SD10 with the surface of the  SD7 at a fraction of the cost. DiGiCo has built a very powerful and  flexible platform, has done its part by putting  the console in the hands of lots of engineers, and are making strides  in the live sound market with its consoles. There’s a model that fits  every shoe size. We have confidence in the technology and we have a  definite market for them.”
Beachsound also felt the trade up program was a fantastic way to move  out old capital and replace it with new and exciting technology. They  traded up a Yamaha PM5D for an SD5 and purchased an additional SD9… for  now. “We felt we needed a higher caliber showcase  console to fit the bill of our needs/demands,” explains company  president Andre Serafini.  “We find the console’s flexible I/O, sonic  quality and the ergonomics make it top tier and we are very pleased to  have one in house. DiGiCo’s dynamic EQ feature has  been a big hit and the DiGiTube technology has been a real pleasure  getting to know. We have the SD5 set up to be on a few high profile  events in the near future, including a televised mega church event.”
Alford Media: www.alfordmedia.com/
Beachsound & Lighting: www.beachsound.com/
Clearwing Productions: www.clearwing.com/
Hi-Tech Audio: www.hi-techaudio.com/

About DiGiCo
DiGiCo is a UK-based manufacturer of some of the world’s most  popular, successful and groundbreaking digital mixing consoles for the  live, theatre, broadcast and postproduction industries, and is  exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Group One Ltd. of  Farmingdale, New York. For more information, go to: www.digico.org

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