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Grooveboxmusic.com, makers of the leading "Brainwerks" pro audio video tutorials is pleased to announce a new line of video training products called Power PAK's (Precise Accelerated Knowledge). This exciting collection of training tutorials are tightly focused on a DAW's specific feature set such as a plug-in or virtual instrument, specific task or assorted powerful tip and tricks. Power PAK's are in-depth, fun to watch and value priced. The first Power PAK being offered is "Designing Electronic Drums with Ableton Live". Presented by Ableton Live master Craig McCullough, this series reveals the steps to design fat, brilliant modern and classic electronic drum sounds which will make the rhythm tracks in your electronic music productions stand out and be noticed. What's in the Power PAK:

15 Tutorials / Total Runtime 03:07:33

01 Using Slice to New MIDI (15:18) - See how to use the powerful 'Slice to New MIDI Track' function in Live 7 to trim, warp and slice audio data!

02 Making a Kick Sound (09:15) - Learn to shape a sliced sound into a more usable and familiar sounding kick drum using the filter and volume envelope settings on the simpler instrument and Live's Saturator and Compressor plug-ins.

03 Creating A Clap Sound (18:46) - Discover how to fabricate a clap sound using the settings on the Simpler and Sampler instruments and some of Live's effects, such as Compressor, Simple Delay, Saturator, Reverb and Gate.

04 Making a Closed Hi-Hat Sound (15:59) - See how to create a great sounding closed hi-hat sound using the settings on the Simpler and Sampler instruments and some of Live's effects, such as Compressor, Saturator, Reverb and Gate.

05 Creating Slicing Presets (08:53) - Learn how to create a new slicing preset where no macros are mapped to any of the Simpler's parameters. This time saving procedure is crucial to working with drums in Live.

06 Making a Open Hi-Hat Sound (12:00) - Explore designing the ever useful open hi-hat sound using the loop, envelope and filter settings on the Simpler instrument and some of Live's effects, such as Compressor, Reverb and Gate.

07 Making a Tom Sound Part 1 (12:44) - See how to make two different types of Low, Mid and High Tom sounds. This tutorial also looks at creating a nested sub-rack within the main drum rack of our kit.

08 Making a Tom Sound 2 (21:05) - Learn to map key parameters to the macros on the drum rack to allow flexible, real-time control over the most used parameters on all 3 Toms together. Also discover how to map send effects, and a Grain Delay to complete the sound.

09 Making a Conga Sound (06:53) - Discover the secret to making conga sounds reminiscent of old vintage drum machines. Racks are further explored, as well as the 'Copy to Siblings' feature added in Live 7.

10 Making a Ride Cymbal Sound (16:55) - See how a ride cymbal is created by layering 3 Simplers together in a nested drum rack, triggered by the same MIDI note, using 3 different, very short loops and some crafty programming.

11 Making a Triangle Sound (13:05) - Starting with one of the Simplers created in the Ride cymbal tutorial, the sound is re-tuned and a nested rack is created containing an open and closed triangle sound.

12 Making a 909 Kick (04:46) - Copying one of the Congas and using it as a starting point, the same short waveform loop is used to create a powerful second kick drum much closer to the classic '909' sound by changing the filter, pitch and envelope settings.

13 Making a 909 Snare (14:03) - See how you can make a great sounding snare similar to the classic '909' snare using impressive programming techniques as well as the Saturator, EQ8 and Compressor plug-ins.

14 Making a 808 Snare (08:56) - Starting with the snare created in the previous tutorial, some of the key parameters are changed to create a snare very close in sound to the classic '808' snare.

15 Saving the Finished Kit (08:55) - Explore the options for saving the different elements of our new kit, such as saving the devices and racks, using the new kit in other projects, and creating Live clips so that clips can be saved with the kit.

With over 3 hours of content, you'll be sure to learn new and exciting techniques for designing electronic drums sounds in Ableton Live and even apply the information to any other program. You can view all the video tutorials in the "Designing Electronic Drums with Ableton Live" Power PAK online for 30 days for only $14.99 or download and own the full Power PAK for only $29.99. The boxed disc version will ship in 2-3 weeks for $29.99 plus shipping, but you can order it today and get the instant digital download included for free so you can start learning right away.

For more information, free full-length videos from the series and to order, visit the Groovebox website today.

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