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Genelec is introducing a line of active subwoofers featuring an entirely new design to create very dynamic, extremely efficient, as well as highly configurable subwoofers -- introducing the new Genelec 7000 Series Active Subwoofers. Designed for multi-channel professional surround-sound monitoring environments, the 7000 Series consist of four models (8", 10", 12" & dual-driver 12"), all of which employ Genelec's proprietary LSE (Laminar Spiral Enclosure) technology.

Developed by Genelec's R & D team in Finland, this radically innovative design dramatically alters how high-level, low frequency acoustic energy is delivered to any critical-listening acoustic space. The result of LSE technology is that acoustic non-linearities from port turbulence are virtually eliminated, creating a smooth sounding "laminar flow" of low-frequency energy emanating from the rigid, tuned enclosures of the 7000 Series. When combined with the latest 6.1 bass management technology, the 7000 Series delivers high-velocity, low turbulence sound that enhances any professional multi-channel playback environment.

Genelec's New 6.1 Bass Management System -- New Control of Lows & Highs

Three models in the new 7000 Series feature Genelec's new 6.1 bass management system which has six signal input and output channels (L/C/R Front and L/C/R Rear), as well as a discrete LFE signal input with a selectable 85/120 Hz low-pass filter and a summed signal output, that provides flexibility and easy connection. The built-in bass management unit splits the six main channel input signals into low and high frequency components, accurately dividing the Input signal between the subwoofer and main speakers. The crossover frequency is fixed at 85Hz. The low pass sections have an adjustable sensitivity, to allow for easy level matching with the main speakers. A dedicated LFE In input connector enables easy set-up and accurate monitoring of the LFE channel in 5.1 and 6.1 digital surround sound systems. A +10db gain switch is also available for the LFE input. The LFE channel can be set to two bandwidths -- 18 to 85Hz or 18 to 120Hz. If the LFE signal includes higher frequencies than 120Hz, they can be monitored by using the "redirect" function which redirects the frequencies above 85Hz in the LFE signal to the center channel output which are then reproduced by the center channel monitor. A calibrated "bass roll-off" switch provides adjustments to the subwoofer response in 2db steps. Two phase alignment switches are also provided allowing compensation for the delay, which occurs if the subwoofer is placed away from the main speakers or for other phase change in the loudspeaker system. Four settings are provided between 0? and -270?. Balanced XLR connectors are used for the system input and outputs.

The Genelec 7000 Series Active Subs -- High-Velocity, Low Turbulence

Designed for stereo or multi-channel applications, the 7071A is intended to complement Genelec's 1032A, S30D or 1037B Active Monitors. Boasting a frequency response of 19Hz -- 85Hz (120Hz) +/- 3dB from two 12" proprietary drivers (2 x 12"), the 7071A is designed to deliver high power and clarity in a wide range of sub-frequency monitoring applications. The 7071A has a 500 Watt amplifier and the ability to deliver SPL's of 118dB @ 1 meter. The 7071A features extremely low distortion levels.

The 7070A is designed to work with Genelec 1030A and 1031A Active Monitors in either a stereo or multi-channel surround setting. Employing a single 12" proprietary driver, the 7070A features a 250 Watt amplifier, frequency response of 19Hz -- 85Hz (120Hz) +/- 3dB, and has the ability to deliver SPL's of 113dB @ 1 meter, and also has extremely low distortion levels.

The 7060A is designed to complement the Genelec 1029A Active Monitors in a multi-channel application. The 7060A features a single 10" proprietary driver with 120 Watt power amplifier, a frequency response of 29Hz -- 85Hz (120Hz) +/- 3dB, and has the ability to deliver SPL's of 108dB @ 1 meter. The 7060A also features extremely low distortion levels.

The 7050A is designed to complement Genelec's 1029A and 2029A/B Series Active Monitors in a stereo application. The 7050A is recommended for stereo applications in multi-media and digital audio workstation environments. The 7050A features a single 8" proprietary driver with 70 Watt power amplifier, a frequency response of 38Hz -- 85Hz +/- 3dB, and has the ability to deliver SPL's of 103dB @ 1 meter. Like all Genelec 7000 Active Subwoofers, the 7050A also features extremely low distortion.

Other features include a new built-in 85Hz calibration tone generator, giving the added benefit of being able to set the phase correctly utilizing only a standard SPL meter. This feature is used to help ensure that the system is set up to function at the system's full potential; a detail often overlooked in smaller applications due to the usual inconvenience. Other additions to the 7000 Series include a multi-purpose RJ11 connector that enables the user to perform four different functions: remote overload LED status indicator; serve as a bypass function; remote the selectability of the +10dB gain of the LFE channel; and serve as an LED indicator for the +10dB gain selection. In addition, Link Out, Input Sensitivity, LF response control, driver protection and a 1/4" bypass function round out the features in this newest of Genelec's subwoofer designs.

Whether a single unit is used in a compact post-production setup or by using the Loop Thru for daisy-chaining multiple units when higher SPL's are required, the new 7000 Series Active Subwoofers provide a perfect low-frequency complement to any multi-channel system.

The 7000 Series is available 1st Quarter, 2002 with pricing to be announced.

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