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The Nord Lead 3/Rack 3 OS V1.2 is the fourth official software upgrade for the Nord Lead 3 Performance Synthesizer. Clavia spent the last couple of months creating new exciting functions and fine-adjusting its sound and functionality. The new OS is free of charge when downloaded from Clavia's web site.

Here are some of the new features and major improvements in OS V1.2:

Sound Categories

To make it easier to find different types of sounds in the synth's memory, it's now possible to save Programs in separate Sound Categories. When you're looking for a specific sound you can search either by category, in alphabetical order or numerically. There are 12 different categories plus 2 user definable sound groups to choose between.

Vastly Improved Arpeggiator

The arpeggiator has got some interesting additional features. Since the basic arpeggiator patterns (up, down, up & down and random) are quite limited, Clavia decided to expand the functionality by adding a second arpeggiator, the Sub Arpeggiator.

The Sub Arpeggiator in Nord Lead 3 is an additional arpeggiator that works in conjunction with the Arpeggiator. For each step in the Arpeggiator, the Sub Arpeggiator executes its own series of steps. Directions and ranges can be set separately for both arpeggiators. To create even more variations to arpeggio patterns there is the Arpeggio Mask function. With the Arpeggio Mask function you are able to mask (mute) certain steps of the arpeggio, creating very interesting rhythmic effects.

The Arpeggiator also uses MIDI Song Position Pointer, which means that if you record an arpeggio in an external sequencer, it will always play back the pattern exactly the same way it was recorded - even if you start the sequencer in the middle of the song.

Nord Lead 3 and Nord Rack 3 Sound Library V1.2

With the new OS Clavia also releases the new V1.2 Sound Library. All the sounds have been categorized using the new Sound Category function of the V1.2 OS. The V1.2 Sound Library holds more than 1000 Programs (single sounds) plus 162 Performances (multi-sounds). The new V1.2 Sound Library sounds can be downloaded free of charge as well.

Nord Sound Manager - Librarian for Nord Lead 3 and Nord Rack 3

The Nord Sound Manager program for Windows is designed for easy backup, transferring, rearranging, and sharing of Nord Lead 3/Rack 3 Programs and Performances. By using the Nord Sound Manager program you can quickly and easily rearrange sounds and tailor-make Program/Performance Banks for gigs, projects etc. Also, you don't have to use a sequencer for backing up your sounds. The sounds are saved as raw binary MIDI Sysex files for best compatibility.

Nord Lead 3/Rack 3 OS V1.2, V1.2 Sound Library and Nord Sound Manager librarian for PC are all available now, free of charge when downloaded.

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