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Korg announces the latest addition to its extensive line of tuners, the "flip-top" LCA-120 Chromatic Tuner. The new tuner includes a number of powerful features, such as "Focus Tune" mode, programmable temperaments, "Volume Meter" and extra-large backlit LCD display for excellent visibility with indications for pure major and minor thirds. Other features include a built-in condenser mic, better than +/-1 cent detection accuracy, and audible reference tones.

The LCA-120 can support all band and orchestral instruments a wide detection range of A0 to C8. In addition to the conventional detection method, the LCA-120 offers three tuning modes:

  • Korg's unique Sound Back mode — particularly useful for ear training, allows tuning visually and aurally for greater accuracy and efficiency (using the optional CM-100L contact microphone).
  • Focus Tune mode — when a note reaches +/-10 cents, the display meter magnifies to display a range of +/-10 cents, allowing fine-tuning.
  • Sound Out mode — provides an audible reference tone via the built-in speaker or headphone, and covers a four-octave range of C2 (65.41 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz). Pure-sounding harmonies can be achieved using the display's marks for the position of pure major thirds and minor thirds relative to a given pitch.

The LCA-120's Volume Meter visually indicates the volume of a sound graphically and numerically, for practicing consistent volume levels (long tones) and crescendo/decrescendo on sustained notes, and for finding precise dynamic levels. The Sound Level meter function can be used simultaneously with tuning functionality.

In addition to equal temperament, the LCA-120 supports a recallable user-programmable temperament. Each of the 88 chromatic notes may be independently tuned. A battery-backed memory is provided for preserving the temperament setting, mode setting, calibration and other settings even when the unit is powered down.

The LCA-120's built-in microphone is used for tuning acoustic instruments, and can be calibrated from 410-480 Hz (1 Hz increments). Featuring a convenient flip-top design that protects the LCD and automatically powers down the unit when closed to save battery life, the LCA-120 also has a 1/4" input jack and 1/8" mini headphone jack with volume control, and can operate via AC power or for approximately 60 hours on two AAA batteries.

The Korg LCA-120 Chromatic Tuner is available in March 2007 with a U.S. MSRP of $139.

Korg is exhibiting at booth #6440 during the 2007 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

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