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Master Strip Add-On Effects
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Past and future converge for the computer-based music production and recording markets with the AES release of Version 2 (V2) software for the 02R96 and 01V96 digital mixers, and five Add-on Effects packages from Yamaha Corporation of America.

V2 software is a major upgrade providing more than 50 new features, including expanded DAW control and application-specific functions. The advanced DAW integration for Nuendo and Cubase includes Selected Channel Control, which allows hands-on control of all Nuendo's EQs and dynamics, and complete MMC transport control. Advanced Surround Monitoring features include 6.1 Panning and Monitoring, plus Flexible Surround Bus Setups.

One of the major new features of V2 is the ability to use Yamaha's Add-On Effects, a series of plug-ins for the mixer's internal DSP chips built on Virtual Circuit Modeling (VCM). VCM technology--developed by Toshi Kunimoto and his team at Yamaha Japan, who created the world's first physical modeling synthesizer--actually models the exact analog circuits of studio classics, right down to the last resistor and capacitor.

"VCM technology faithfully recreates the sound of sought-after vintage gear," states Athan Billias, director of Technology Products, Yamaha Corporation of America. "However, what sets VCM apart is the fact that it captures the subtleties that simple digital simulations can't. What's more, VCM goes a step further by allowing the user to create custom 'gear,' in software form, from those virtual components."

For tracking vocals and guitars, the Channel Strip package (AE-011) includes two new mono/stereo compressors and a six-band parametric EQ, each modeled after a combination of popular devices, including the sound and characteristics of five vintage compression and EQ units. Master Strip (AE-021) features Open Deck, a tape deck emulator that allows the user to select the "record" and "reproduction" decks, plus tape speed and type, independently. Open Deck provides VCM models of four vintage tape mastering machines, including parameters for tape types, tape speed, bias and EQ settings. Open Deck can also give your digital recordings "analog" warmth.

Other Add-On Effects include Surround Post (AE-041) for audio post-production or ADR applications, the Reverb package (AE-031) with REV-X effects, and Vintage Stomp (AE-051), which emulates the sounds of phasing stomp boxes.

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